In researching for events that are happening over Christmas Holidays in the Sierra Mountains we found this event: 2015 Acrobag Progression Tour | Bear Valley.
Have you ever watched the Olympic skiers training videos? These Acrobag’s are just silly fun to think about.

So what about you, if you could play on an Acrobag, what unheard of move would you try? Could you be the created of the next McTwist? Maybe your more of a closest Cannonball-er or Belly Flopper?
I know who cares..right? the ability to just go all silly on the mountain with little risk of injury… count me in.

Anybody of any skill level can benefit from using the AcroBag. Whether you are on a snowboard, skis, bike, skateboard, or just jumping off a platform; the AcroBag cushions your falls and gets rid of that nagging fear of injury – so that you can focus on learning your new trick.


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