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33rd Annual Mile High 100 Cycle Challenge Saturday June 20 at Lake Almanor

Cycling Event Set for Fathers Day Weekend in Northern Sierra at Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor CA – The Mile High 100 Bike Ride takes place in the Lake Almanor Area, a summer recreation mecca, every Father’s Day weekend for the past 34 years.
The Mile High 100 offers three rides to accommodate cyclists of all abilities; a century ride, metric century ride, and half-metric century ride – all of which include lakeside views of Lake Almanor.


Lake Almanor CA

This ride offers 4 rest stops with lots of delicious food, SAG service, unique and breathtaking views of Lake Almanor, Mount Lassen and Indian Valley, and of course fresh mountain air.
Ride Details:
CENTURY RIDE (108 MILES) – This is ride takes you up towards Drakesbad, around Lake Almanor and through Indian Valley. Approximately 3,200′ total elevation climb.  Click here for route map 
METRIC CENTURY (56 MILES) – This ride encompasses the entire Almanor Basin. It is recommended for the cyclist who desire a challenging loop without the distance and the bigger climbs found in the full century ride. Approximately 1,500′ total elevation climb.  Click here for route map
HALF METRIC CENTURY (33 MILES) – This ride is recommended for those wanting a nice leisurely ride lakeside around Lake Almanor. Approximately 600′ total elevation climb. Click here for route map
If you are considering a trip to the Northern Sierra to watch or participate in this event. Her is a list of other activities and opportunities for REC in the Lake Almanor Region, provided by the Mile High 100 Group:

Lake Almanor is known for its four season recreation! Here are just a few things you may want to check out while on your visit to our area! For a more comprehensive list, please


Last Chance Loop
Distance 12 – 14 miles
Effort: Easy
Average Ride Time: 1.5 hours
Lake Almanor Recreation Trail
Distance: 15 miles
Effort: Easy
Average Ride Time: 1.5 hours (one-way)
*Stop by Carols Camp Prattville on your way for a delicious slice of pie or lunch!
The Bizz Johnson Trail
Distance: 25 miles
Effort: Easy

Water Sports

Rentals available!
Wake Boarding
Water skiing
Wave Runners
Jet Skis
Patio Boats


Bailey Creek Golf Course
Lake Almanor West Golf Course
Lake Almanor Country Club
Mt. Huff Golf Course


Hiking information and maps founds at: Almanor Ranger Station Forest Service,  Lassen Forest and Caribou Wilderness andLassen Volcanic National Park can be found in guide books at, Bodfish Bicycles, and at the Lassen Association Bookstore at Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Lake Almanor Recreation Trail
Length:11 miles
Hike Time: About 3 hours one-way
Humbug Summit to Humboldt Peak
Length: 6 Miles
Effort: Easy
Hike Time: About 2 hours one way
Juniper Lake/Mt. Harkness Trail
Length:5.5 miles
Hike Time:3.5 hours round trip
Domingo Springs Trail
Length:7 miles
Hike Time:Over 2 hours one way
Devils Kitchen (Hydro thermal site)
Length: 1.7 miles
Effort: Easy
Hike Time: 45 minutes one way.
Boiling Spring Lake (Largest Boiling acid lake in the USA)
Length: 1.0 mile
Effort: Moderate
Hike Time: 25 minutes one way
King Creek Cascades and Fall
Length: 2.25 miles,
Effort: Challenging
Hike Time: 1.45 hours
Pacific Crest Trail
For more information about the trail visit the Pacific Crest Trail website

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