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What a beautiful Morning in the Sierra

Ever have those nights where you sleep was not restful and you wake up not exactly sure what to expect for the day, but something immediately makes you smile? Welcome to my day. did not sleep well and started work early this morning. Decided to check out the views of the Various Mountain webcams int he Sierras this morning for a little inspiration, and was once again wowed at what I saw.
So from me to you! I hope your day is the start of a great adventure and these mountains provide  you with a smile for your Monday morning.
KirkwoodBase_2015-01-05_06-54am DiamondPeakResortCam_2015-01-05_06-51am turtlebackHeavenlyObservationDeck_2015-01-05_06-39am alpine morin sun recent_reduced- sauwvalleyDiamondPeakResortCam_2015-01-05_06-51am

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