Dicks Lake ~ Desolation Wilderness

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Dicks Lake is a popular backpacking lake in Desolation Wilderness. Located at the Base of Dicks Pass just west of Mt. Tallac, Dicks lake is one of the larger bodies of water in Desolation. Typical day route trails is to access the lake via the Bayview Trail head near Emerald bay. Alternative routes include a day hike from Glen Alpine Trail past Gilmore Lake and over Dicks Pass.

The trail To Dicks lake from Bayview is a 5.3 mile moderate hike that includes a great vertical switchback climb from the parking area up to the saddle below Maggie’s peak. Side note we highly recommend the ascent up Maggie’s peak on this trip as it is one of the iconic lake Tahoe vista views in the basin.

From the Saddle the trail levels off and is a easy to follow, wide path through the wilderness for the next several miles before a final granite switch back trail the final mile to the lake.

Dicks Pass to the Right of Gilmore Lake.

Dicks lake is a popular backpackers lake with campsite through out the area to the North and West sides of the lake. Backpackers that are seeking a bit more privacy find the region between Dicks lake and Fontanillis Lake to be a nice region to visit.

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