Fletcher Lake and Vogelsang High Sierra Camp

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Yosemite National Park – Destinations – A popular backpacker destination in Yosemite the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp located approx 7 miles from Tuolumne Meadows up the Rafferty creek trail. In a typical year you will find a busy little hub in the high sierra located next to Fletcher lake and peak as backpackers both use the sight as a base camp to the area for exploring more ground and as a checkpoint location on their trip to the valley floor.

On our visit here is 2020 the Camp is not running after the covid -19 shut down, Yosemite decided not to open the high camp services with generally included serving meals and providing tents for some guests. This didn’t diminish our visit in any way as we actually got to experience the region with less people and much quieter atmosphere.

Fletcher Lake elevation is 10,157′ and sits on the eastern boundary of the camp and is located at the base of Fletcher Peak , which is a beacon to travelers in the area as it stands as a solid square Rock face seen from miles away. Fletcher Lake is beautiful setting and provides fishing, swimming, relaxation, stunning visual surroundings etc. The crystal clear waters drain towards Vogelsang peak and are replenished by a small waterfall coming up top from Townsey lake.

The Lake is lined with a grass shore line that calls you to lay down next to the water and take nap. Trees are scattered around the northern shore and the Eastern shore rises up to another system of lakes above. Sitting on the northern shore there are great photo opportunities for Vogelsang peak and the horizon to the West.

The hiker base camp is located a short distance to the north of the Lake and provides hikers markered off Camp areas and bear boxes.

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