Ropi Lake – Desolation Wilderness

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Ropi Lake is located on the Southside of Desolation wilderness below Pyramid Peak and above Horsetail Falls. It is the third lake in a chain of lakes that make up Pyramid Creek. The Hike into Ropi Lake is typically done from the Twin bridges trailhead off HWY 50 and is considered a difficult route for most trail hikers as it requires a Class 2 climb up the side of Horsetail Falls and for half the hike there is no official trail. Although Staying with in sight of Pyramid creek is the prefered route.

Horsetail Falls Desolation Wilderness
Horsetail Falls Desolation Wilderness

On the trail you will come up close to Horsetail falls at the base then veer left up the mountain staying just to the left of the trees that scatter along the banks of Horsetail falls. ( after this point you will stay a good bit of distance from the fall until you reach the top) At the top you will cross back over to the creek and the first lake Avalanche lake.

Avalanche lake is a perfect stopping location and many will turn around here on their day adventures. After Avalanche Lake staying to the left of the lake you will reach Pitt Lake and need to either climb up and over a small rise or follow the shoreline of Pitt lake back to the creek cascading down from Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is approx. 1/2 mile further across a now seamless platform of Granite. The crystal blue waters of Pyramid Lake are stunning on a summer afternoon.

The lake was formed by dams at some point in time for California water system, but the dams have broke and flow freely, the deep cool pool of water is feed from Desolation Lake and Pyramid creek on one side, and Toem Lake and Pyramid peak snowmelt on the other.

A perfect lake for backpackers looking to get away from the crowds at Woods lake and Lake Aloha up river. For backpacking in Desolation Wilderness Ropi, Toem, Gefo, Pitt and Avalanche lakes are part of Zone 44 in the Twin bridges trail system. when requesting your permits you must select a first night zone when selecting your trip destinations.

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