Comments Sought on Sage-Grouse Habitat Enhancement Project
The Inyo National Forest is seeking comments for a sage-grouse habitat enhancement unnamed (1)project. The forest is proposing to implement  sage-grouse habitat enhancement at various locations in Long Valley.

In the absence of a natural fire regime, Jeffrey pine trees are gradually moving into historically pure stands of sagebrush.  Sage-grouse tend to avoid areas with overhead cover; likely because trees provide perches for predators such as hawks that feed on grouse.


Long Valley Caldera

The project would entail removing trees from seven sites within the Long Valley Caldera.  The small diameter young trees would be felled and limbed using chainsaws and allowed to naturally decompose on site.  This type of project has proven to be an effective habitat enhancement tool.  An area treated last summer was repopulated by sage-grouse within weeks of the project’s termination.
The Long Valley Caldera is a massive, depressed area with Mammoth Lakes to the West, Crowley Lake to the Southeast and the Glass Mountains to the North. Home to the Hot Creek Geological Site.
For more information regarding this project or if you wish to comment on this proposal, please call Richard Perloff , 760-924-5508 or contact him via e-mail at  Comments on this proposal would be most useful if received by April 30, 2015.

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