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Snow Bliss in the Sierra

To quote the famous line from Disney s “The Lion King”…..

“It is Time!”

The Sierra Mountains woke up today in anticipation for a promised snow fall that really could matter. We watched over the last few weeks as the Midwest and North East were buried in snowfall. We watched in awe, sorrow, and wonderment as are treasured winter playgrounds in the Sierra remained bare with only the slightest man made strips visible.
But here it is, It is the Sierra Mountains time for a snow dump. 2-3 feet are expected in some areas. And although that is not 6 feet like the families in Buffalo had to dig out of, we will take it, and party in it, and do a little snow dance celebration because of it.
KirkwoodBase_2014-12-02_12-16am The Sierra Mountains, its communities and the state of California are ready for some moisture. So here you are, all our ski geeks out there, grab the boards, wax up the ski’s, find your hat and lets play!

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