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Storm in the Sierra Mountains Brings Wind, Rain, Fire and SNOW!

Wind, Rain, Fire and SNOW, blast the Sierra Mountains

Sierra Mountains, Feb 7 2015, – It came with a sledgehammer effect to much of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. The storm system that at times seemed to be changing its look hourly delivered every type of element possible yesterday to the residents and visitors in the Sierra Mountains. Winds, Rain, Fire and yes finally some snow.
The Winds reaching Hurricane type forces of 75- 109 mile per hour laid waste to power lines, fences trees, trampolines and roofs in much of the Eastern Sierra. The Carson Valley where we live looks like a hurricane zone. Thousands with out power as the power lines snapped in many areas, trees all over teh valley completely up rooted from the ground, roof tops literally peeling away under the gusts. Check out these photos on The Carson Valley Times

Photo in the Carson Valley by Josh Bankifier.

The Fire, South of the Carson Valley evacuations are still happening as a fire , The Van Dyke Fire, has reached over 300 acres,  and the Round Fire which is now over 3000 acres, injured one firefighter and destroyed several structures. Possible Sparked by power lines going down in the wind, the wind carried this dangerous fire onward quickly. HWY 395 was closed for several hours as crews fought the blaze. At 2am the Rains delivered mercy and drenched the fire lines to help get control in areas. This fire still burns and todays winds will not help.
The Rain that slammed California all afternoon hit the mountains early and finally turned to snow up to late. On the Eastern Slope of the Sierra it rained hard until after 2am which was a welcome relief.
And finally the blessing of this storm system. WE HAVE SNOW! The Mountain range in the Sierra was blessed with their best snow fall since November with 8-24″ of snow falling at the resorts. More Snow is expected Sunday as teh snow levels look to be forecasted at about 6500 feet.
Apline meadows
Snow reports for the Morning of Feb 7, 2015


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