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Three Easy Ways to Celebrate National Trail Day in the Sierra

Ok let’s make this simple shall we.   June 6th is National Trail Day and all around the nation people are being encouraged to get out on a trail and experience the joys and adventures that local trails can bring. Some hike trails for solitude, some for health others for family adventure , so Saturday June 6th the only question is which way are you going to celebrate the holiday?

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Here are Three quick ways to consider Celebrating National Trail Day in your area of the Sierra Mountains:

  1. Volunteer with a local trail crew and help clean up or repair our local trails. All around the nation teams are set up and ready to make a fun enjoyable hike and work day for locals. In the Sierra here are the registered events according to the American Hiking Society.
    1. Location Name: Charity Valley Trailhead
      Address: Hot Springs Road Markleeville California
    2. Location Name:  Van Sickle Bi-State Park
      Address:  Behind Harrah’s Lake Tahoe 15 U.S. 50, Stateline, NV  Nevada
    3. Location Name:  Harrah’s Lake Tahoe (turn onto Lake Parkway off of U.S. 50 until you reach back parking lot)
      Address: 15 U.S. 50,Stateline, Nevada
    4. Steven’s Camp
      Address: 1160 Greg Street #111,Sparks,Nevada
    5. Location Name: Clair Tappaan Lodge
      Address: 19940 Donner Pass Road, norden California , Sierra Nevada’s
    6. Location Name: Snowflower
      Address: 41776 Yuba Gap Dr. Emigrant Gap, California. Southwest
    7. Location Name: Yosemite Lakes RV Resort
      Address: 31191 Hardin Flat Rd, Groveland California
    8. Location Name: Eastern Sierra, CA
      Address: 819 N. Barlow,Bishop California, Eastern Sierra, CA
    9. Location Name: WHITNEY PORTAL
      Address: 13 miles west of Lone Pine on Whitney Portal RD., Lone Pine, California
  2. Take Hike – Ok you and I both know that there are thousands of trail possibilities FLMapThumbnailNewin the Sierra. AS a matter of fact, if you live with in 10 miles of the Sierra Mountain Range, I virtually could guarantee that you have a trail with in 12 miles of your front door. Hiking trails in the Sierra is the life blood of adventure in The Sierra Mountains. Sierra REc will be heading into Alpine County to Hike a trail we have never been on before. Along the way I will take photos, look for opportunities to improve the trail and remember the great people who have worked hard to make recreation enjoyable for generations in the Sierra. If you want a few idea we do have links to many local associations or National park trails on our site. But here are a few for the Eastern Sierra region around our office. Tahoe rim trail, Carson Valley Trails, Visit Carson City Hikes, Carson Pass Hikes, Best Easy Hikes Lake Tahoe
  3. Introduce someone you know to your favorite trail – One of the core part of the American Hiking Society’s mission and reason for a National Trail Day is the 2014-09-01 09.43.18embracing of preserving a future for the next generation. So maybe one of the best ideas is to grab a neighbor, a local youth, or a friend you know would enjoy a day on the trail and go explore together.

      “We represent millions of hikers who are committed to beautiful places to hike and believe that the preservation of hiking trails and their environments is important and a worthwhile legacy to leave future generations.” – American Hiking Society

Exploring and hiking in The Sierra is so easy. Most trails are well-marked, there is enough variety to fit every fitness level and you don’t have to travel long distances if you don’t like to hike a local trail. Did you know that The Sierra Mountain Range from North to South encompasses 9 National forests, 4 National parks, 22 Wilderness Areas and over 13 million acres of natural landscape to explore. What is great about that is that you could pick just about anywhere on the map and with in 10 miles of that point probably find a trail that would welcome you to come hike, improve and preserve for the next generation.
Sierra Rec magazine encourages you to get out tomorrow spend 30 mins or 10 hours on the trail. You decide. Take a picture a share it with us on Social Media #sierrarec Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest
Adventure awaits. #goexplore #sierrarec

Sierra REC Magazine is dedicated to sharing the events, news and adventure opportunities that exist in The Sierra Mountains. From Lassen Volcanic National Park to the North down through the Central Sierra and the Lake Tahoe Basin through the rugged eastern slopes of the Mono county and Yosemite National park to the southern tips near Sequoia National Park and the PCT trail. We invite you to share stories, trips and photos from your adventures in the  Sierra. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter Google +  and You-Tube or email us your events and photos at sierrarecinfo@gmail.com  #goexplore

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