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Yost / Fern Lake Trailhead Closed in INYO NF through the fall 15'

Thinning Project to Close Yost/Fern Lake Trailhead


Fern Lake – A popular Inyo NF Trail Destination

Inyo National Forest – August 2015 – The Inyo National Forest announces plans to complete numerous mechanical thinning projects for community protection and forest health through the summer and fall. The 18-acre Yost/Fern Creek Trailhead Thinning and Aspen Restoration Project will close this popular trailhead, located on the June Lake Loop between the Down Canyon Fire Station and the Double Eagle Lodge/Inn, for approximately two weeks. Work will begin late this week or early next week. The trailhead parking lot will be closed along with road side parking on the south side of the loop. Alternative access to this trail will be via the Yost Meadow Trailhead, which is across from the June Lake Fire Department. An additional thinning project between the Peterson Tract and June Mountain Ski Area will be started following the completion of the Yost/ Fern Project. Trails in the project area will be closed while this project is completed; all trails will be signed. Please observe the closures for your own safety–mechanized harvesting equipment will be in operation. These projects are designed to reduce fuels within Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Thinning reduces wildfire spread and intensity by removing surface and ladder fuels, thus decreasing the risk of stand-replacing wildfire. This also creates an environment where firefighters can more safely respond to fire events. Thinning also promotes forest health by increasing resiliency to insects and disease by reducing competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight.This is especially important during California’s extended drought where numerous trees are dying from insect infestations or water stress. Where applicable, restoration work will be completed to enhance aspen habitat.

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