This winter, K2 Skis is launching a whole new ski line for the speed freaks of this world.The Disruption collection brings together intergalactic tech with K2’s revolutionary edge — because skiing isn’t about winning races it’s about having fun.

It was 50 years ago that man first set foot on the moon. Setting sail towards the unknown took a big dose of curiosity, a lot of bravery and the best technology and materials available on the planet. It took grit and determination, and a belief in what you’re undertaking; that’s what’s called for when you’re redefining boundaries or going beyond them. Forging
your own path and disrupting everything that you previously held true.
But what does the moon landing have to do with skiing? Well, with its Disruption line, the latest skis to be launched by K2, the US iconoclasts are taking a brave new step away from their freeriding comfort zone and into the world of piste performance – bringing their high-end ski technology with them of course. With its Disruption line, K2 is disrupting the status quo of piste and race skis to bring something new.

The new piste performance line from K2 is inspired by the feel of pulling Gs, mashing on that downhill edge, turn after turn, lap after lap. Precise performance, sparking arcs – not for FIS points, not to win races – but because skiing is about having fun. Not every day is a powder day. So why think of the powder-free ones as off-days? Piste fans, freeriders, whatever your flavor, we hope you like skiing fast, because these rocket ships are primed and ready to send it to thefriggin‘ moon. If you’re not fast, you’re last. This is a full rethink of what piste performance means.

Full disruption.
For its Disruption line, the K2 design team worked together with both current and washed-up racers alike to craft the best skis for real piste conditions. And because it’s K2, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to the tech spec and fun factor. “No question, any day out skiing is an awesome day. The new K2 Disruption skis are so much fun to ride on the groomers. The edge
contact is unbeatable, they’re stable and have a turn radius that’s insanely variable. Perfect for high-speed first-chair firm or the afternoon chop and dodging people through cut up snow”, says American former ski racer and K2 athlete Warner Nickerson (38) about the new collection’s top features.

All photos and images courtesy of K2 Marketing and media

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