Sitting at 10,330 feet just North of the vogelsang High Camp plateau Evelyn lake is a classic above the tree line clear water lake that offers great views in all directions, and sandy shores to take a swim or soak your feet.

With a small 350 ft slope to the south unfortunately visitors don’t get a great view of Vogelsang or Parsons peaks to the south at Evelyn Lake but they do get a panoramic view to the North of the Gaylor Peaks and white mountain region of Yosemite.

Visitors can get ot Evelyn Lake via the Rafferty Creek trail to vogelsang High Camp and then follow trail to the East, or they can climb up out of Lyell canyon on the Ireland Lake trail near Potters Peak and over into evelyn lake (typically on their way to Vogelsang High Camp). This second route includes a much more strenuous climb than rafferty creek trail.

Above Evelyn Lake to the south is a unique alpine bluff area that is very tundra feeling and includes several ponds that feed down to the lake in early season. the bluff also offers up a special view of the peaks above townsley lake as well as all the other peaks in the region.

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