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A Perfect Christmas Gift To Protect Your Sierra Explorer

Haeleum Active Gear Helps Fight Off Mosquitos, Sun and Temperature in Pursuit to Protect All outdoors Explorers

Sierra Rec Magazine Product Review- November 2017 – As the holidays approach and you start to look for a great gift idea for your explorers in the family, look to Haeleum Active Gear to protect your explorers from pesky mosquitos and provide an excellent layer for the constantly changing Sierra weather. Do you recall the early spring/summer hikes in the Sierra last year. The mosquito bloom was terrifying in places. So when I was given the chance to try out the new Haeleum Raccan Long sleeve with moisture-wicking 100% DrýTru™ polyester fabric, which promises protection from pesky mosquitos, I was all in!

Fall in the Sierra is not the best time to test against mosquito protection, however, it is layer season and the hiking season for me always means packing great layers for the wild temperature swings that can occur in one day on the trail in the Sierra.  For our test of the Haeleum Raccan Long sleeve, I took three distinct hikes that would give me an opportunity to test its layering ability, possibly its insect repellant and give the shirt a test of durability to multiple cleanings. (No Shrinkage)
Our first test was a cool fall day hike in Alpine County up to Emigrant Lake, typically a hike that involves weather change and insects because of the forest and water location throughout the entire hike. The Haeleum Raccan Long Sleeve shirt was a great choice.  It has a very comfortable fit, and on a day where storms were likely to move in during the hike and temperatures would drop nearly 15 degrees on our way to the lake, I choose to wear the Haeleum Shirt as a second layer with no jacket. For me the hike to Emigrant Lake is a great place to test this Layer,  The tree lines trail follows water the entire way and the final 2-mile push to the lake is a good climb which will make me get a good lather before enjoying an afternoon at the lake.  On a typical hike to Emigrant I would take a dip to cool down at the lake but as the weather was my dictator today, the temperature dropped probably over 20 degrees fro the start of the hike and the wind started blowing in an early storm that brought a very cold wind. So no dip today and I was very happy to have the Haeleum Layer on as the moisture wicking helped keep my body dry and warm while eating lunch at the lake.
On my Second test, I headed up over 10,000 feet for the day to explore the 20 lakes basin outside of Yosemite East gates. A bright sunny fall day in the high Sierra, cool enough to start with a stocking cap on my head and a light windbreaker jacket over the Haeleum Raccan Layer shirt. As the day progressed and warmed on this 10-12 mile exploration of the 20 Lakes basin I was able to shed the stocking cap and the light Jacket and just enjoy the sunny day in the mountain wearing just the Haeleum Raccan Long Sleeve Shirt.  Once again a great experience and found the shirt keep me dry and warm on my hike, plus with the bright sun shining down, it was great to have a lightweight long sleeve layer to protect me from the fall sun.

For a third and final test for this review, I visited another traditionally hot bead of mosquito active areas, the hike to Meiss Meadow.  I guess for a full test I need to go back to this hike in the Spring with this shirt as Meiss Meadow, is a very popular hike in the spring, but is infested with mosquitos which makes for the proper gear so important when enjoying this hike. However, in the fall the mosquitos are far less annoying. Another sunny day in the Sierra Meiss Meadow and Shower lake was a great through hike on the PCT trail and the Tahoe Rim trail in the fall. No flowers but plenty of tree lines meadow hiking. The Haeleum Long sleeve reccan shirt once again was a fantastic choice. No bug problems for me, no overheating in the hatter than expected fall sun and as the 12-mile trek was finishing up for the day the moisture wicking fabric really was a great feature as it help keep the body cool in the afternoon and warmer in the early evening.

Description fo the Raccan Long Sleeve Shirt from the Manufactuer: Featuring our jacquard weave in both midnight blue and seolfar gray, the long-sleeve Reccan is made of lightweight, highly breathable fabric that features Insect Shield Technology® to repel mosquitoes, ticks and other dangerous insects. Our extreme moisture-wicking 100% DrýTru™ polyester fabric not only quickly moves sweat away from your skin to help keep you cool and dry, it’s also snag resistant—perfect for going up a steep mountain or down a lazy river.

  • Tested and proven, EPA-registered Insect Shield Repellent Technology lasts through 70 launderings – the expected lifetime of most garments.
  • Protects against bugs, such as mosquitos and ticks and the diseases they carry, including the Zika and West Nile Viruses, Lyme Disease and Dengue Fever
  • 40+ UPF sun protection
  • Moisture wicking 100% Natural Stretch DrýTru™ Polyester
  • Slightly textured
  • Wrinkle free and easy care

So as Chrismas shopping kicks into high gear, check out the Healeum Long Sleeve Raccan shirt, we think all the explores in your family will enjoy. It is now a regular layer in all our Sierra adventures and I can’t wait to add the mosquito protection to my spring hikes in 2018.

Product Review of Haeleum Reccan Long Sleeve Shirt– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Haeleum Reccan Long Sleeve Shirt for free in consideration for a gear review. This Gear review courtesy of partnership with Deep Creek PR
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