5 Different Things You Can Do on a Stand Up Paddleboard

While using your paddleboard as intended is fun and enjoyable, did you know you can do many different things on an SUP? Change how you use your board by adding new activities you can do in the water. Below we list our favorites—try one or all!

Practice Your Yoga Skills

Are you an avid athlete in both stand-up paddleboarding and yoga? Why not combine these two skills into the ultimate challenge? Traditional yoga uses sturdy ground beneath you, but when you’re on a paddleboard, it’s a different story. Test your balance and gaze at wildlife as you practice this activity in the water.

Get Your Fish On

Another relaxing activity you can try while on a paddleboard is fishing. Paddle out to your favorite location and enjoy the scenery and quiet while you wait for a bite on your line. The great thing about these boards is their size—you can easily fit all your fishing gear right on the board with you.

Take Your Furry Friend

Nobody ever said stand-up paddleboarding can’t include your dog. If your furry companion isn’t afraid of the water and enjoys exploring, why not take them along for the ride? Ensure they have a life vest; it’s always better to play it safe in case you both tumble into the water.

Meditate in the Wilderness

If you’re visiting or live in a place with gorgeous landscapes, much like The Sierra in Nevada, this provides the perfect opportunity for meditation. While participating in physical activity in these locations would be fun, the tranquility the mountains and trees offer the ideal backdrop for meditation. Clear your mind and enjoy the view.

Surf Some Waves

One of the common myths surrounding stand up paddleboarding is that you cannot use the board for surfing. This couldn’t be any more wrong. In fact, SUPs can help you improve your surfing skills, and they work perfectly when the waves are not too large. If you haven’t tried surfing yet but love paddleboarding, consider trying it next time you’re on the water.

There are many things and activities you can do on an SUP. If you have one of the above hobbies in addition to your love of paddleboarding, try combining them! What activity will you try first on your SUP?

Image credit: License# 211173914 Men, friends sail on a SUP boards in a rays of rising sun By sanechka

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