Local Non Profit Volunteer Group 775 Off Road to the Rescue

In what seems to be common sense, everyone needs that one great neighbor who will drop everything and rescue the day when things go south on a back road adventure. But then, when do we always do the reasonable and responsible thing when chasing our fun-filled adventure lifestyle? 

Well, if you ever wondered if there were any good people left in this world that would care enough to help when needed, let me introduce to you to 775 Off-road. A non-profit group of regular guys and gals who just love off-roading enough and are skilled enough to help just about anyone in need in the Northern Nevada Backroads.

775 OFFROAD & RECOVERY is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization that has chosen to undertake the role of community organization, community outreach, providing training and workshops to the community, removing and recovering of stuck, stranded, abandoned or damaged vehicles from BLM land, USFS Land, Forest Service Roads and other offroad destinations while working with state and federal agencies that oversee those same roads.

We work and are designed to respond quickly to health, welfare and safety threats. 775 OFFROAD & RECOVERY will deploy qualified volunteers dedicated to public service and the offroad community.

With nearly 100 Volunteers and 48 certified & approved vehicle recovery volunteers the 775 off-road community services Northern Nevada off-road. They specialize in mobilizing their volunteers via an internal communication system among members and the pure desire to help their neighbors. 

I spoke with Joseph Pickett President of the 775 offroad group; he expressed that the true nature of their organization was education and safety. “Search and rescue in the high desert is grueling work, but when the heart of the volunteer is to help others learn and enjoy the backcountry that they love, then the effort to provide assistance and rescue in some of the Wests most challenging terrain and weather can be gratifying.”

Staffed with 100 active volunteers and 48 approved rescue vehicles, the team trains and vet volunteers to help increase their success rate of helping stranded weekend warriors or off-road enthusiasts caught in a bind. 

“Every rescue or support call is a teaching moment,” says Joseph “Our community is passionate about offroading and enjoys knowing their network of roads and terrain features so that they are well prepared to help those that are not as well prepared.”

Over the past few years, the community has become tight as the volunteer rescuers network has evolved. Joe shared that even though many rescues could be just one available truck in an area many times through a communication channel, a team of two or three guys might team up and head out on rescue hours away from their home.

“AAA won’t come to get you in many places our team will travel to for a rescue.” Our team provides towing, vehicle recovery, Search and rescue, etc. Often, referrals come in from the sheriff’s department, which receives a call.

The great part of 775 is that is you get yourself in trouble and they come to rescue you, there is no charge. These guys are funded through donations, grants, and the sure pure heart of American adventure. 

775 Off Road community always looks for volunteers who want to be trained and vetted. Plus, donations from the community.

They can be found on Facebook community, or by contacting their hotline at 775-238-3793 

They will hold a Skill Building Workshop on July 8th for anyone interested in learning more. The cost of the event is $50

Volunteers are the Lifeblood 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Volunteering for 775 Offroad and Recovery will allow you to learn more about offroading and recovery operations. We need more than just recovery volunteers, we need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Secretary Duties
  • Dispatchers
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Public Information / Media Relations
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Web Design
  • Event Planners
  • Project Leaders

Offroad and Recovery experience is not necessary. If you want to learn and gain experience, please apply for a volunteer position. Volunteers won’t need to deploy to a recovery but will be able to assist in many different ways! 



Publisher of Sierra Rec Magazine. An avid hiker and explorer of mountain lifestyle and adventure. I love to discover new trails, hike along rivers and hang a hammock along the shores of a mountain lake. I often great people on the trail and have found some of my favorite places from the advice of people I meet in the Wilderness. I love the sierra and just like sharing what I know.

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