While fishing was once a necessary life skill for putting dinner on the table, it’s now a popular hobby. Many catch and release their fish in the Sierra area and all over the U.S. because they enjoy fishing but don’t need the meat. Fly fishing is a great way for anglers to challenge themselves while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some of the best fish to catch while fly fishing in fresh or saltwater.

Best River and Stream Fish: Trout

Rivers and streams are popular fishing locations for many who are new to fly fishing. The moving water makes catching specific river species, such as trout, easier. Trout fishing is one of the most popular fishing sports in the U.S. This popularity makes it easy to find the equipment you need to take your hobby to the next level—competitions! Many trout fishing organizations require anglers to catch and release trout so that the wild population can grow.

Best Lake Fish: Pink Salmon

Fly fishing in lakes is another great way for anglers to challenge themselves. The still water makes it easier for fish to spot your shadow, adding a new degree of difficulty. Many fish species populate lakes, but pink salmon is probably one of the top favorites. This favoritism results from the salmon’s boom in population size during the summer, which is the most popular fishing season. You can also compete in salmon fishing contests to add a competitive air to this beloved pastime. Catch and release is popular for pink salmon, but some areas will allow you to keep and eat them.

Best Saltwater Fish: Striped Bass

You won’t find saltwater fishing in The Sierra, but the coast is only about five hours away. If you’re in The Sierra region and fancy a day trip to the ocean for some saltwater fly fishing, then head to the San Francisco Bay. There, you can catch striped bass from your boat or the shore. They are a popular choice since their size and fighting ability make them great sport fish. Compare fishing techniques for spin fishing and fly fishing to help you decide if you want to try fly fishing on a boat. It is challenging but worth it.

The best fish to catch while fly fishing in The Sierra will change depending on your location. California and the surrounding states offer great fishing locations for any type of fish you want to catch and release or bring home.

Image Credit: Bull trout by Chris – Adobe License: 186443862 

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