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Gem Lake Dam To Receive Value Updates

Gem lake Dam valve
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Hikers and Backpackers Can Expect Helicopter and Remote workers at Gem Lake Dam Staring August 10.

June lake Ca, August 5 2020, – SCE will replace the Gem Lake gate valve assembly with a new valve to maintain the safe operation of the dam. The new valve will allow for greater control over outflow and will serve as a stable discharge point to respond to high runoff seasons.

Note: Helicopters will periodically carry material and equipment from June Mountain parking lot to Gem Dam during construction and residents and hikers will hear and see helicopter activities. Typical workdays are Monday-Saturday, sunrise to sunset.

8/10/20: SCE will begin flying material and equipment to Gem Dam.
11/30/20: Projected completion of construction and demobilization of all crews and

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