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Packing Light With H2gO GLOBAL Water Purifier

Written by Charlie Pankey

Unique Water Purification Unit by Aqua Research Ads Science and Verification to Water Filtration Process

Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review 2019 – This may just be one of the most unique products I have ever reviewed. The Aqua Research | H2gO GLOBAL Water Purifier was presented to me for review this summer and since I was preparing for a backpack trip and my last water pump had broke while I was in the wilderness last year, I figured it would be a great season for a test.

In reviewing a little product history I could see that the primary use for this device was intended more towards individuals traveling maybe on missions trips or working in disaster relief regions where water purification was a real concern. But they also mentioned items in the hiking and backpacking area that made me think that this just might be something fun to try out.

Let me ask you this, have you ever finished pumping water from a source and just wondered if it really was clean? Have you ever felt a little sick even after pumping your water and using the proper tools on the trail? Well this little science unit which weighs considerably less than my water pump ( ) not only does the water purification, it gives you a go no go indicator to let you know for certain your water is ready to drink with out danger.

As added value they place simple luxuries like a flashlight in the unit in case your are gathering water at night while on the trail and digital indicators which help you see the product is working even in bright Sierra sun light.

On our trial run with the Aqua Research | H2gO GLOBAL Water Purifier I must tell you that I failed in that I did not read all the instructions and forgot the most important ingredient (salt) so I could not use it on my backpack trip as intended. (Lucky for me I did pack an extra pump in my sons bag.) The H2gO GLOBAL Water Purifier uses a scientific solution requiring about a ounce of salt mixed with the water that you are purifying then placed in the charged H2gO purification unit to create a unique solution for your water purification needs.

So for my second Test day I took the entire package with me into Desolation Wilderness while I was volunteering and knew that I was going to hike long enough that would need to refill my water supply 1-2 times that day. This time I remembered everything and was able to give it a real go in testing phase.

Success! The indicator stick not only let me know early that the water was indeed not safe to drink, but after adding two solutions to my bottle, I also go the go sign for safe drinking. The water source i choose was an old spring located at the boundary of Desolation Wilderness, the spring was not a very clean area but historically the spring was drinkable water to visitors. Early indicators showed that the water was not safe to drink with out the possibilities of bacteria.

We added some of the water to the salt in out solutions bottle, then added a few drops to the H2gO device to create the unique solution for this water sample. The solution presents itself in a foam that is developed between the salt solution and the electrical charge that is give by the unit. We added the solution to our water and waited 10 minutes to test the water.

We received a no -go indicator meaning the water was still not safe to drink. Following instructions we provided a second dose of the solution and gave it another 10 minutes. Bingo we got our fist Green light Go indicator on the stick. The solution had worked and was not telling us that the water was indeed safe for drinking. I must say I was pretty satisfied in knowing that it failed at first and then worked the second time. Knowing that it had changed and didn’t just give me a positive really added a since of security that I was actually using a good product.

3.8 oz Total Weight

A few specifics for this unit. Total size of the unit is small compared to most water filters (1.7″ W x 3.65″ T x1.1″ dia. ) and the total weight of the unit is 3.8 oz! Yes 3.8 oz for the entire unit with caring bag. Now you know why as a backpacker this little unit may be well worth your intention.

Micro Biology and other Benefits of H2gO

The H2gO unit uses Microbiology to purify any freshwater source with a few button clicks and common salt. The unit also comes with some cool features to ensure a great life of the product

  • Super Easy to Use – No pumping, just use a little slat and a water source
  • Effective in killing Virus, bacteria and protozoa. Meets and exceeds the defined EPA standards for microbiological water purifiers
  • Economical – Device is priced riigth and gives you over 124,000 liters of safe water with no replacement parts needed. Comes with built in solar charger for recharging device on long trips.
  • Compact – This device is one of the smallest water purifiers on the market today and comes with built in solar charger, flashlight and salt storage chambers in the device.
  • Ultra durable – this device is built to meet military standards for drop, freeze / thaw and water resistant up to 60 feet.

The H2gO purifying unit is available online at and Retails for $99.00 making this water purification unit one of the most affordable solutions available on the marketplace for its size.

Product Review of H2gO Water Purifier– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received H2gO Water Purifier for free in consideration for a gear review.  This review is 100% my opinion of this product from real trials. None of the copy is provided by the vendor.

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