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Rain or Shine the Rom Outdoors Adventure Bag Adds Utility Function to My Daily Adventures

Sierarecmagazine Product Review 2017 – The Sierra has had an epic winter in 2017 and as we start into a late spring recreation season continued moisture in the form of rain has already shown itself weekly on my adventures. This is why I am thrilled to share with you today a new bag I added to my day trip adventures which added great utility features including a new way to stay dry while tromping on a rain-soaked trail.  The ROM Outdoors Pack might just be the ultimate utility pack for your next day trip adventure.
Ok, a little perspective here, my wife believes I have a problem, I own a lot of day trip bags, it might be something like women with her shoes or purses, but that would not be me calling out the ladies, it is just that my wife is pretty certain I don’t need another bag. So needless to say she was not all that excited when I pulled my new ROM outdoors pack out of the box to show her. The first thing I noticed about the ROM Pack is that had some weight and thickness to it.  In a world of lighter materials that generally don’t stand up to the Sierra terrain, ROM decided to add a thicker, canvas material with a series of Molle straps. This bag is built to be used in the outdoors and to withstand the elements. Quality.

Quality Construction

ROM Outdoors Pack

ROM Outdoors Pack loaded for quick day trip

It reminds me a little of a military or tactical style bag. Its Utility features are evident, so packing this pack will be a matter of choice and purpose for each user. The front features two zipper pouches which feature plenty of space for your gear. The molle straps add additional strength and packing abilities to the pouches
On my first trip with ROM, I loaded it with my typical day trip hike gear. First aid kit, headlamp, food, water. knife, firestarter.  Plenty of room to spare.
Same story for my next adventure except it was filled with items for an all day track meet in the sun, suntan lotions, water, food, extra clothing etc..
Cross strapping on pouches allow for attaching additional gear and two water bottle pouches on the side are big enough to hold a water bottle and suntan lotion. Padded Shoulder straps with chest strap and waist strap.  (Note the waist strap is a little thin for my liking, wish they had used a little wider strap here.)
Putting the ROM Outdoors Pack on again reminded me of a military style bag, the military Rucksacks or field packs came to mind. With no formed support for the back, it does not hold its shape on your back. However, just like the Rucksack, my family used when I was young, it was comfortable and easy to carry. It seems to adjust the load to my form and not add additional stress to the back.
For a third adventure, I decided to load the bag a little heavier and trek 3 miles to one of my favorite spring waterfalls.  This pack got more comfortable the longer I wore it. Its flexible or nonstructured shape actually worked with my body more as I climbed boulder area near the waterfalls, then when I decided to chill out by the waterfall I used it as a pillow instead of a blanket and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Epic Utility Features Sets ROM Bag Apart From Competition

Now let’s talk about the wonderful utility of this pack.  My first adventure happened to be a rain-soaked day trip in Plumas County California along the Feather River area. The ROM Outdoors Pack will be a new addition to all my day trips that might involve weather. The reason, ROM Outdoor Gear has built this pack to fold out easily into a Rain Poncho or a blanket, which could easily be used as a shelter cover also.  Seriously, with the release of four clips, the ROM Pack unfolds and provides access to a zipper which reveals a hidden hood. Just place your head through the hole and bingo, you now have a heavy duty rain poncho to continue your journey with.

ROM Outdoors Pack turned Poncho

Glad I had my ROM Outdoors Pack for a rain-soaked exploration near Feather River

The inside of the poncho has a nice felt feel to it and adds a little warmth factor, and then when the rain lets up and the ground is still wet, you can throw the poncho flat on the ground and you have a heavy duty canvas blanket to sit on to keep you dry.
Typically on my rain visits, I just throw on the hat and get soaked, meaning my day trips are often shorter as I get soaked and cold. But not today with this Heavy Duty Poncho, I stopped multiple times in the day for a mile hike to a waterfall or to explore an old train track in the feather river area, stayed dry the entire time and loved my new bag.
Now granted, when I had to use this as a poncho, I lost the ability to carry the bag contents with me. So I used alternative gear for carrying water bottles and supplies.  But I and my gear were dry under the poncho and much more comfortable on our adventure.

How will I use the ROM Outdoors Bag

The question that came up to me when evaluating this pack was, how I would use it moving forward. It has quality construction and practical application for everyday life, including an all-day track meet or a trip to the lake for instance as a blanket and pack. It has challenges in carrying my gear comfortably over a long distance.  I think this bag would be considered a prepper bag for me. Probably goes on every trip, it is built tough and stores flat, so I might even just keep it in the car, so I’m prepared whenever weather strikes on one of my adventures or the family decided to head up to the lake and need a blanket. I can see myself rolling it up and strapping it to my backpack on an overnight excursion, it will add a little weight but give me so much more application than a typical plastic light weight poncho.
The ROM Outdoor Bag also easily folds back from poncho/blanket back into the pack. they send a nice graphic instruction card for your first time, but it is fairly easy to see and understand.  both removable pouch areas easily reattach via a combination of velcro, straps, and clips.
We look forward to our next adventure with the ROM Outdoor bag in the Sierra.

Product Review of the ROM Outdoors Pack – Disclosure of Material Connection: I received ROM Outdoors Pack for free from ROM Outdoors Company in consideration for a gear review.
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