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Sturdy Cache Belt Perfect For Outdoor Adventure

The Perfect Gift for Your Outdoors Man This Holiday Season, Cache Belt From

Are you looking for the next outdoor gadget to add real value to your outdoor lifestyle. You need to check out this Cache Belt from Over the years I have tried all types resources when it comes to caring odds and ends, some critical to my outdoor adventures and others, just extra accessories I like to carry. So when given the opportunity to review this new Cache Belt I thought why not, I have never tried a Cache Belt.

First Impressions

When The Cache Belt arrived in the mail my first impression was Sturdy. The Strong webbing style material was matched up with a solid stainless Steel Buckle. The additional functions promised on the info card discussed items such as Bottle opener in the buckle, Military grade strength (Exceeds 2700lb strength test) gear loops and more. But Frankly I just wanted to know if the belt would fit a few smaller items such as chap-stick, a few matches, and few bandages, couple pieces a gum. Items typically I store in a pocket some place while hiking and typically get in my way or get dumped as Im reaching for another item along the way.

Field Test the Model

I decided to take my new belt of two excursions for this test. First a 15 mile hike into Desolation Wilderness and then a second test on a Hunting trip in the the Central Cascade mountains.

On our trips I was looking to test a couple things:

  • Comfort – Was this a belt I could wear for 15 miles hiking and stay comfortable?
  • Storage ( Chap-stick, Band-aids, Gum, water Tablets)
  • Durability – Well built and easily handles hiking and packing

Comfort results:

Overall this belt is heavier than my traditional hiking belts, but the functionality it added was far Superior tot he mesh belts that do little but hold up the pants. The Sturdy Military Grade Webbing was flexible enough and fit my belt structure great. The belt Buckle was a little bigger than I like, however I found its simple slide in a clasp design easy to use while traveling in the woods.

Velcro Seam around entire belt opens to store/conceal small items for any travel adventure

Storage Results:

The Velcro Closure is pretty sturdy, was not the easiest thing to open when I was trying to grab my items while hiking. Definitely felt like I was not going to loose anything. Space is over 2 feet of storage area on the belt and holds items size of AA battery in girth with ease. I stuffed batteries, flash drives, fishing line, Band Aids, Moleskin, Small Pocket knife, Cash, Car Key, fishing license, matches, Small Survival Whistle in the belt. Absolutely loved the gear loops that pop out and I could hook a small Caribbean to and add additional items that hang off belt.


This belt is not going to fall apart any time soon. Made in the USA and for what I can tell out of quality resources this belt will be in my collection for sometime. It also has a nice clean design which makes it wearable with just about any outfit. An unplanned fall into a marsh while hunting got this belt soaked on our second field test. Not only did it dry quickly, the items inside showed no damage from the water submerge I experienced.


Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays or just looking to upgrade your adventure gear with practical, durable gear with tons of function. You can get the Wazoo Cache Belt in four sizes, online at Suggest you check the size chart before ordering.

Product Review of Cache Belt– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Cache Belt for free in consideration for a gear review.  This review is 100% my opinion of this product from real trials. None of the copy is provided by the vendor.

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