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Gear Review: XShot Sport GoPro Pole

XShot Sport  Delivers Sleek and Strong Extended Pole for GoPro and Phone

Gear Review  Sierra REC –  The power of the action shot has transformed the media we consume and the expectations in which our devices work for us in capturing that one great image that will be shared or liked by all. So when I was asked to review the XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole, I was excited to give it a spin and see what kind of feel and experience it added to my outdoor adventures.
My First impression of the XShot was great, receiving it by mail during the Christmas Season  was kind of like opening a Christmas gift 2015-12-09 14.06.55early. A Nicely designed package that showcased the pole and its multiple add-on items,  a sleek-looking grip and a cool metallic orange trim.  The XShot offered 12-39″ in extension, promised to hold not only my GoPro or digital camera but also my cell phone.
I immediately liked the Textured Non-slip grip and the size of the grip itself. It fit my hand well and I believe it will perform well in all-weather conditions. The second item I found exciting was the solid aluminum thumbscrew. This might be a standard feature on new gear but my older gear the thumbscrew consists of an outer case over a screw and always seems to break free.  The Solid Aluminum screw on this one will not be a problem for the life of this product.
The extension of the GoPro pole is in two section and is locked by twisting the pole to release or to lock in place. Great for making varied size poles. The shaft itself is a weather resistant aluminum shaft and is very light feeling. First impression and one of my tests would be how this action performed in wet snow conditions. Wondered if the twisting lock mechanism would be ok or if I found myself looking for a different locking style.
Field Test:  Snowshoeing in the fresh Sierra Snow.
Excited to get out and try the XShot GoPro Pole with my new GoPro camera I headed out to Alpine County Ca for a little Snowshoeing with friends.
Loading the camera to the GoPro pole was easy and the Aluminum thumbscrew fit nicely at the base of the camera. Being 6’3″ tall I have always been able to get shots by simply lifting the camera above my head or holding it out at arm’s length.  So to start, I left the Pole at the neutral position and just used the extra 12″ to get above the crowd to take my shots. The Braided Paracord Lanyard adjusted to fit around my wrist for extra security.  Right of the bat I notice the grip is my favorite part of this pole. It is easy to hold with and without gloves and a quick dip in the snow to test how it performed wet was successful.
The stability of the film was also much better than mounting my GoPro on the head mount or chest mount which I had used on previous trips.  The next step was the extension of the pole to the mid-level and far side of 39″. Extending the pole was simple enough, a little twist to the left and the pole extended from the base in two sections and a little twist to the right to lock it in at desired length. The 39″ length is XShot-Sport-GoProreally nice for a side selfie shot.  The variable length option is a cool feature. I found myself adjusting it multiple time so that I could see what length I liked best and so I could see the different angles on film later. The only hang up I found was when my gloves got wet I had difficulty twisting the pole loose in my gloves, the aluminum pole even with its texture just would not give me a grip. This might because I tightened it to hard trying to assure my camera would stay stable.
Overall this GoPro Pole is a really nice add-on to my gear, additional findings,  it has a hole on the bottom also that allows you to use the pole as an accessory to a camera stand or anything that has that standard screw on attachment area.  I can attach it to my tripod or camera stick  to give them an added height option.
Go Pro Pole Textured Grip, Thumb Screw, and Accessory Add-On hole.
2016-01-08 14.27.07
2016-01-08 14.27.24 2016-01-08 14.27.32

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Xshot Sport Pole for free from Xshot as coordinated by  Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication.

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