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Yosemite Facelift Is Back 2021

Tunnel View view of the Yosemite Valley from the tunnel entrance to the Valley
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Yosemite Valley’s Largest Volunteer Clean Up Event September 22nd-26th 2021

Mariposa County Ca – September 8, 2021- Yosemite Facelift returns to Yosemite National Park after a year of “acting local” in 2020. Yosemite Facelift is one of the largest organized community cleanup events in the world. After the long peak tourist season in Yosemite, things can get a little messy, but Facelift exists to help tidy up after those that won’t.

How can I participate?

Facelift this year will take place both in Yosemite and virtually! We want YOU to take the message of Yosemite Facelift to your hometown if you can’t join in Yosemite. The objective of Facelift this year (and every year!) is for you to pick up litter and engage in service projects on our public lands safely. 

Step 1: Whether you are participating remotely or in Yosemite, you must pre-register

Adult Pre-registration form:

Kids Pre-registration form:

By pre-registering, you will be eligible for giveaways if you are participating remotely and if you are participating in Yosemite, you will be sent information on gate passes (provided through Facelift).

Step 2: Pick a place to participate!

If you are participating in person in Yosemite, you must show up at the visitors center and check in with us, just like in previous years. Put your name on a raffle ticket, buy a shirt, talk to an archeologist about artifacts you know the drill!

If you are participating virtually, please respect local social distancing guidelines, and have fun out there!

Step 3: Clean Up Trash

Simple step. You got this.

Step 4: Spread The Word

Help us spread the word about Yosemite Facelift by tagging us on social media and sharing your experience online. This event is powered by volunteers like you!

Step 5: Head on Home

Bring the spirit of Yosemite Facelift home with you, and we will see you again next year!

In-Person Registration

You will pre-register online and check in with us in person.

Pre-registration forms for Adults and Kids.

In-person registration will be staggered to limit the number of people congregating at one time. Each hour, registration will be divided by last name as follows: 

  • 9:00-9:19 (A-G); 
  • 9:20-9:39 (H-O); 
  • 9:40-9:59 (L-Z); 

(Note, 9 am is being used as an example. If you plan to register after 11am and your last name is Tripp, arrive between 11:40 and 11:59 am.)

*Pre-registration will close on September 13th so we can send out gate passes. You will not be allowed at the gate without pre-registering.

Park Entry

You must pre-register or have your own reservations in order to get into the park during Yosemite Facelift. Pre-registration ends on September 13th, failure to pre-register will mean you cannot get into the park.

Evening Programs

Ken and Timmy and special guests will host evening programs remotely Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tentative schedule, subject to change:

Wed. 9/22
Video: Art of Our Culture, by Max Buschini
Video: Wild Country, by Max Buschini
Live: Paul Wignall from Skydive Yosemite
Other: Mariposa Experience and the Boulder Farm

Thurs. 9/23
Live: Jesse McGahy, Lead Yosemite Climbing Ranger
Video: High Angle Clean Ups: NPS / Carlo Traversi
Live: Christian Black, slacklining
Live: Priscilla Mewborne, alpine aerial silks

Fri. 9/24
Live: Lance Colley, Yosemite speed climber
Video: Amity; Hard Free Climbing in Yosemite
Live: Kaya Lindsay and Girls Gone Wide

Founded by Ken Yager, Yosemite Facelift is an annual event dedicated to the stewardship of Yosemite National Park.

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