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Yosemite’s North Pines Campground Early Access Lottery Pilot

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Attention Yosemite Campers

The National Park Service in Yosemite has announced the North Pines Campground Early Access Lottery Pilot.

The National Park Service is piloting a lottery system for North Pines Campground reservations for arrival dates from July 21 through September 14, 2022. Successful lottery applicants will have an opportunity to make a reservation for campsites in North Pines Campground during an early access period.

The early access period will occur before the traditional on-sale dates, with any remaining availability becoming available on the usual on-sale dates (five months in advance on the 15th of the month). The goals of this pilot are to:

  • Create a better experience that reduces confusion and frustration for the highly competitive reservation process.
  • Offer a new method for reserving campsites at this high-demand location for a more equitable experience.
  • Address visitor complaints about the perception of an unfair reservation process.

Important Dates

Lottery application period: January 18 through February 6, 2022

Lottery application results: February 10, 2022

Early access period for successful lottery applicants: February 18 through March 10, 2022

General on-sale dates for any remaining reservations: March 15, 2022 (July 15 through August 14, 2022 arrivals) and April 15, 2022 (August 15 through September 14, 2022 arrivals).

How does the lottery work?

You can apply for the early access lottery any time between January 18 at 7 am PST through February 6 at 8 pm PST at

Am I guaranteed a reservation if I am a successful lottery applicant?

The lottery grants you early access to a less-competitive reservation environment prior to the general on-sale; it does not guarantee that all the dates, nor all the sites, will be available to you since others may have been granted an earlier access period. Be sure to have multiple dates in mind and don’t restrict yourself to specific sites.

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