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An Epic Adventure Awaits in The 20 Lakes Basin Of The Hoover Wilderness

saddlebag lake

Crystal Clear Waters Combined With High Alpine Peaks That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Sierra Rec Magazine Adventure Review – September 2017 –  Visiting and Exploring 20 Lakes Basin was so much more than I had expected. Have you ever heard a review of a location and it just didn’t do it for you, so you decide to skip, only later to find out that it as way better than initially thought?  Well, the 20 Lakes Basin off Tioga Pass in the Hoover Wilderness was just that to me and couple friends looking to explore the region for the first time this fall.  The 20 Lakes Basin is now one of my most recommended destinations in the Eastern Sierra.
I have explored all over the Eastside of Yosemite, and typically I have one or possibly two singular destinations on my journeys that make my day trips fulfilling. So planning my trip into the 20 Lakes Basin was unique as I was aware that I would see several bodies of water and that my altitude during the hike was going to maintain that 10,000-foot area the entire day.  I was shocked while exploring on various sites and google maps how many of the lakes didn’t seem to be photographed. After visiting I think that might be a way of hiding their favorite locations from too many visitors.  The 20 Lakes Basin is a series of lakes connected by streams which flow off two different valleys on Tioga Pass area. The back Lakes flow into Lundy Canyon and the Front lakes flow into Saddlebag lake and eventually down the water system in Tioga Pass.

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