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Don't Miss The Thunderbirds Flying high Over The Carson Valley October 7, 2017

Visitors Will Be looking To the Sky This weekend for The Action In the Carson Valley

Sierra Rec Magazine, October 2017 – Sierra Events –  Are you looking for an event to add to your calendar this weekend? Look no further than The Carson Valley. The Annual Aviation Round-up kicks off this weekend highlighted by the USAF Thunderbirds show on Saturday. The Thunderbirds visited The Carson Valley two years ago for the show and even on a smoke-filled sky, the Carson Valley provided an epic visual for the high power act to thrive.
The Carson Valley has long been known for its friendly flying arena, but as a spectator, you truly are the winner for this event. There is a great seat just about anywhere you choose in the Valley.
Of Course, all the action is happening out at the Carson Valley Airstrip located just off HWY 395 before you reach the Genoa Cutoff heading South.
Schedule of Events:


  • The 2017 Aviation Roundup Air Show will host another great lineup of performers:
  • The USAF Thunderbirds will make their 2nd appearance in Carson Valley.
  • Greg Koontz will demonstrate the “World’s Smallest Airport” as he lands his Piper Cub on a moving pickup truck.
  • The US Navy Tac Demo team will also be making their 2nd appearance at the Aviation Roundup as they demonstrate the awesome abilities of the F-18 Hornet.
  • The Canadian Forces CF-18 Demo Team will also amaze the crowd as they demonstrate their skills in the Canadian F-18.
  • The US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team will be jumping in and bringing one of the world’s best parachute demonstrations to the show.
  • Rob Holland and his MXS-RH will push aerobatic limits, keeping the crowd’s eyes glued to the sky.
  • When you’re not fixated on the sky, you will able to see static displays of aircraft, and visit a “temporary shopping mall” of vendors and food!
  • Click Here for Ticket Information

As we reported a couple weeks back before the Annual Candy Dance, there are great adventures awaiting you in and near the Carson Valley. Coming to town to take in the Airshow and wondering what else you might do? Here is a list of quick adventures to try, some even while the show is going on.
Here is a list of quick adventures to try, some even while the show is going on. Our 5 Can’t-Miss Carson Valley Adventures For the Weekend

  1. Hit the trails.  Hiking the Bently Heritage Trail off Stephanie during the air show will put the planes directly overhead on several occasions. This is the best time of year to hike that trail as it is much drier surface before the snow falls. A flat river valley trail, this trail is all about wide open space and river wildlife. The Pinyon trail and the River Fork Ranch trail also provide places where you can hike and watch the show at the same time.
  2. Bring the kids down to Corley Ranch – a locals choice for Halloween and fall harvest events.
  3. Take a quick trip up HWY 88 for fall colors at Sorenson’s and Hope Valley.  After the event or before the show starts this 20-30 minute drive is one of the epic fall color events of the Sierra.
  4. Guests always love a day trip to Genoa with an afternoon soak at Walley’s Hot Springs – History, cool culture and relaxing natural wonders, (maybe a choice beverage on hand) what is not to love about a relaxing afternoon in Genoa.
  5. Bring the Dirt Bikes and UTV. The Pinion hills access in the Carson Valley is unbound excitement and adventure.  Hundreds of miles of open space to explore and play at the desired thrill level of your choosing. Park your rigs at the end of Johnson Lane or any of the Eastern Edge road access points and take off with friends for a great ride adventure.

We hope you have a great weekend exploring. Snow was reported south this week, so make sure you check road conditions before you head out, bring your layers and we hope to see you this week in the Carson Valley.

About the Thunderbirds:
The Team
The Thunderbirds squadron is an Air Combat Command unit composed of eight pilots (including
six demonstration pilots), four support officers, four civilians and more than 100 enlisted
personnel performing in almost 30 job specialties.
A Thunderbirds air demonstration is a mix of formation flying and solo routines. The four-jet
diamond formation demonstrates the training and precision of Air Force pilots, while the lead
and opposing solo aircraft highlight some of the maximum capabilities of the F-16 Fighting
The pilots perform approximately 40 maneuvers in a demonstration. The entire show, including
the ground show and air demonstration, lasts about 75 minutes. The season typically starts in
March and ends in November, with the winter months used to train new members.
Officers serve a two-year assignment with the squadron, while enlisted personnel serve three to
The squadron performs no more than 80 air demonstrations each year and has never canceled a
demonstration due to maintenance difficulty. More than 280 million people in all 50 states and
57 foreign countries have seen the red, white and blue Thunderbirds jets in more than 3,500
aerial demonstrations.
F-16 Fighting Falcon
The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon represents the full range of capabilities possessed by
the Air Force’s tactical fighters. This highly-maneuverable multi-role fighter has proved to be
one of the world’s best precision tactical bombers and air-to-air combat aircraft. The only
modifications needed to prepare aircraft for air demonstrations are a smoke-generating system
and painting in Thunderbird colors. Additional information about the F-16 can be found at

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