The Sierra Rec Annual Spring Get Outdoors and Explore ~ Staff Picks Spring Gear Guide.

Looking for the latest and greatest for your backpacking gear or looking to update the get out and go camping and a day trip gear? Our team at Sierra Rec loves testing new gear that is not mainstream to make our trips easier, or more comfortable.

Here are some of our favorite new gear items and classic staff favorites for daytrips, backpacking and just get out and go gear in 2021.


Bubi Collapsible Water Bottle

This BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle is perfect for Day hikes, backpacking or day trips with the family.

comes in 14 , 22 or 35oz sizes and leak proof flip cap. – After it tis empty roll it up and store it in a pocket.

This Eco friendly design has a unique thickness to it that would seem to hold up to almost all conditions. We loved the wide mouth top. Also love that it comes with strong clip to hang from my pack.

Right on Trec Meals

Dont miss this company. a new way of ordering your backpacking meals. Dedicated to fun and easy ordering, great timing on delivery and a little something special in yoru package. right on Trek is changing how backpackers prepare for their next hike.

It starts right at the website. Easy navigation and then it asks how many days you are packing and how many calories you wish to consume. After these details it asks things like do you want Vegan or Dairy Free items? thne pow it offers up a full day of meals, snacks and drinks for each day of your trip. Each day is easy to change out items and check other selection and then order.

The items arrive already sorted for you by day and each day has its own waste bag for leave no trace. The food is tasty and fresh.

Do yourself a favor and check them out at

Hyke and Byke Quandary 15°F Ultralight 650FP Down Sleeping Bag

This bag is large and warm. Love the 650 down bag we picked up from Hyke and Byke. Our Camping test for this bag had lows of 32 degrees at night high in the Sierra and we stayed plenty warm in our hammock using this bag. It has great loft and the shoulders and hood have plenty of room for this big man. A great value also for Down sleeping bags.

Vapur® EZ Lick™ Foldable Dog Bottle

Don’t forget man’s best friend! I’m guilty as charged for not always bringing enough water for the dog on my hikes. Well that is no longer an issue with the Vaspur EzLick dog bottle. Easily hooks to my pack and helps me control the mess of giving pup water on the trail. No dog bowls or spilled water on the trail.

Sagan Life Inline Water Purifier – Gravity Fed Water Filter 

Tired of water tasting like the old plastic of your hydration bladder? Check out the Sagan Life® Inline™ Water Purifier – universally adaptable to virtually all hydration bladders. Easily connect and fill your bladder from any non-salt water source and drink fresh tasting clean water from your bladder backpack.

The Inline converts to a long purifier straw and can be used as a Gravity Fed Filter. Flow up to 3 cups per minute from the bladder through the purifier to fill other containers. System comes with quick connects attached to the purifier filter so you can install it on your existing hydration bladder tubing in minutes. The Inline is an the best backpacking water filter system you can own. 

Sagan Life XStream Straw – Filter straws for drinking water

Also known as a portable water purifier, due to its ability to remove viruses, the XStream™ Straw Water Filter also removes bacteria, such as E-coli, and parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

The most sensible and appreciated feature of this filter straw for drinking water is the ability to access water from a “safe distance.” The XStream™ Straw Water Filter allows you to access water from a convenient, safe distance of 2 feet and up to 4 feet away from the water source. Let’s be honest. Who wants to lay on their belly to get a drink from a stream or lake while your face is only inches away from the water? Not only is it uncomfortable but often unsafe, plus your clothes get wet and dirty.

NEOLITE XL: Double Hammock by Fox Outfitters

We love our Fox Outfitters NeoLite Hammocks. Both single and double are well built and comfortable to sleep in our our backpacking trips.

Double Hammock Size:10 ft 6 in (long) x 6 ft 6 in (wide

Packed Size:7 in (tall) x 5 in (diameter) Weight:19 oz Material:Super strong breathable and quick drying woven nylon Stitching:Heavy duty triple interlocking stitching

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