Tips for Getting Seniors Outside More Often

Going outdoors is a great way to recharge and experience the world while stepping away from home. Seniors will benefit from getting outside and breathing in the fresh air while feeling the sun on their faces, but it may be challenging to get them out if they feel tired or unmotivated. Consider these tips for getting seniors outside more often to encourage them to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

Start Small

Seniors might be hesitant to step outside if they haven’t in a while; it would be easier to start with small, subtle exposures to interest them in getting out of the house.

Having them sit near an open window could lead to an interest in getting more fresh air. If they have a porch attached to their house, sitting outside while close to home is an excellent compromise between staying in and going out.

Get Them Involved in Yard Activities

Certain activities such as gardening and birdwatching are great ways to get seniors outside more often. Planting flowers and vegetables will give them a reason to spend time outdoors while doing something productive. Gardening is a daily activity that requires consistency and time, which will keep seniors outside frequently.

Birdwatching is a great way to incentivize seniors to go outdoors. If they live in an area with a wide variety of bird and tree species, they could sit outside all day waiting for birds to fly by. Meanwhile, if they live in a beautiful area such as the Sierra, seniors can enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures, which will lead to relaxation and fond memories.

Invite Them Out

Numerous activities can be done outside and with the people you love. For seniors, some of the best spring activities occur when invited out by friends and family.

Going outside with no particular purpose might not have the same impression as being invited out; if you know a senior who could use more time outside the house, invite them out to a picnic in the park or a day at the beach.

Getting seniors to go outside might take some effort. But when they begin to frequent the outdoors, they will experience a better quality of life.

Image Credit: FILE #: 217711061 By Halfpoint “Side view of senior couple hugging outside in spring nature at sunset.”

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