How To Transport Your Fishing Rod on a Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation that builds in the days leading up to a fishing trip. The thought of sitting in your boat in the middle of a beautiful lake at sunrise brings a feeling of contentment unlike anything else. However, that feeling could stop right in its tracks and derail your fishing trip if you find that your fishing rod sustained damage in transit. That’s why it’s so important that you know how to transport your fishing rod on a road trip.

Use a Fishing Pole Bag

Some fishing trips require a bit of hiking before you can make it out onto the lake. If your next trip requires a bit of transportation, you might consider utilizing a fishing pole bag. It can be annoying to carry your fishing rods in your hands as you traverse rough terrain because it could increase the chances of damaging your rods.

These bags allow you to carry your rods on your back so that you can easily and comfortably make it to your destination. Most bags have waterproof insulation and enough room to carry five poles.

Make Your Own Rod Holder

If you are someone who enjoys making their own gadgets and trying life hacks, you’ll like knowing that you can make your own fishing rod holder. Every part of your fishing rod can be quite fragile and prone to breakage. That is why your DIY project must protect the entirety of your rod.

The best and easiest way to make your own protection for transporting your fishing rods is to utilize pool noodles. Old foam noodles work great as a packaging material since they can protect the entire length of your fishing rod. All you have to do is use a box cutter to make a vertical cut in your noodle, and you have a simple way to protect your fishing rod.

Invest in a Pole Roof Rack

Road trips can be hectic, especially if you’re going on a long trip that requires you to haul a large amount of supplies with you. In that case, it’s almost too easy for your fishing rods to break during the course of the trip. If you don’t have room inside your car, using your roof is the best way to transport your fishing rod on a road trip. A pole roof rack will keep your rods away from potential damage and save more space in your car.

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