I grew up triangled between 3 small towns in the northern Sierra, Portola, Clio, and Graeagle, California. If you were passing through in your car & if you blinked, you would miss seeing the small scenic town amongst the tall pines and fir trees! In fact, our town is so small, my Portola High School graduation ceremony in 1986 consisted of only 50 students. The ceremony took less than an hour to announce and honor those graduating!!

The 7 years before my graduation involved lots of Football, Track & Field, and Skiing! My home was located at the Iron Horse Sub Division near the Shroeder Estate, and my family had horses. My horse was named Rowdy. Rowdy was a pure black Quarter Horse. Rowdy and I spent many of those years riding around The North Fork of the Feather River. I fished, Camped, and hunted with Rowdy for almost all 7, of those beautiful years.

My stepfather worked a Dude Ranch in Clio with the Madalena family; that’s where I also hung out and learned what mountain oysters were and had steak and eggs for breakfast!

The day I graduated, I felt free and wanted out of that small town; it was time to break free! I wanted to adventure and live in the big city! So I actually left the day I graduated in 1986. After all these years in the big city, I often wonder why I left & I can’t wait to get back! Give me a horse, a pack saddle full of food, a tent …a fishing pole, a fire pit … and a Root Beer !! I’ve had enough of the big city!

Riding Again with Gold Lake Stables

Who could possibly answer my call to return to my old life riding my horse amongst the tall pines and firs ?

Gold Lake Stables! 

Gold Lake Stables gives me that “return to heaven “feel! Truly a remarkable place to ride a horse safely, and even camp with the horses if you want!

Gold Lake Stables offers many package deals for riding horses…
Why did I ever want to leave such a beautiful country .. ??
All I know is until I find a small piece of land, build my cabin, with my fire pit and find another horse … I’m riding with Gold Lake Stables !!

Since graduating from high school, I’ve traveled around the county, meeting fabulous people, rock stars, movie stars, famous martial artists, and a few cowboys…..
Every year that passes by, I feel a void .. the constant yearning to return to the mountains, fishing, hiking, camping, and riding my horse Rowdy ….
The void is never filled as I drive a motorized vehicle to and from work, place my cowboy boots on concrete rather than dirt, and see tall brick buildings that should be tall pines or firs. I now have 4 beautiful children who also feel the void I do …

I discovered Gold Lake Stables helps fill the void of being unable to ride and see those tall pines and fir trees.

Getting Emotional

Recently I booked a trail ride for 7 .. 2 of my kids and some close friends at Gold lake Stables.
The weather was perfect .. slightly cloudy skies .. warm sun … ideal temperature for a light coat or long sleeve shirt …on top of a beautiful horse.
The horses were waiting at the hitching post near the stables, saddled, fed, calm, and ready for a short trip.
Nothing beats the smell of fresh mountain air, pine trees, a leather saddle, and a slightly sweaty horse.

The trail ride with Gold Lake stables was amazing. You will discover 4 magical things happen when you ride a horse on a mountain trail:
1)Visual Stimulating
2)Smells incredible
3)Clarity of hearing
4)Emotional release

The scenery of the Lakes basin near Graeagle is visual heaven. But along with the visual comes the sensory aspects of hearing and scent. The scent of pine trees, the fresh mountain air, the occasional snort of the horses, the leather saddle squeaking under your legs, and the calm, gentle ride can be very emotional.
As I watched my kids and friends enjoying the mountain ride, the moment’s emotions were intoxicating. A great sense of peace, happiness, and safety that had been missing since my time on the ranch those many years ago.
My kids absolutely loved the ride ….as did my friends.
We will be returning as soon as we can !!

Rocky Twitchell

Rocky Twitchell

Liahona Warrior Arts -T5 Boxing /Jun Fan JKD Instructor-Bouncer Rocky Twitchell Sr. was a single father to 5 boys, and he was my former coach since 2005. I recently had the privilege to take over T-5 Boxing and continue giving back to our community here in grass valley . At T-5, we believe that fitness is a way of life. We founded our gym to be the second home for all our members. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, T-5 Boxing can help shape the new you. Participating in youth outreach, striving to motivate the people of Nevada County, and help make it a better place is our primary purpose

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