Camping in the Sierra is a favorite pastime for locals and visitors alike. However, living off the grid makes it difficult to enjoy a good meal. Most campers choose easy, nonperishable food items for simple packing, transporting, and cleanups.

What if we told you that eating while camping doesn’t have to be boring? Put down your trail mix, canned beans, and powdered beverages, and consider some of the best foods to bring on a camping trip.

Seafood Boil Foil Packets

Quick meals are ideal for keeping your truck clean and maintaining your truck camper. However, you can still enjoy fulfilling meals by making seafood boil foil packets—you just need shrimp, mini corn, sausages, seasonings, and plenty of foil.

Create a boat out of your foil to contain all of your ingredients. Season everything to your heart’s desire and roast your packet over a fire. Cook for 8–10 minutes and let everything cool before digging in.

The best part of this recipe is that it doesn’t create much waste; your empty foil boats are easy to carry to the nearest trash collection site. Keep your ingredients cold and enjoy this meal on one of the first days of your camping adventure.

One-Pot Pasta Dishes

You can’t go wrong with a bowl of pasta. This is one of the best foods to bring on a camping trip because you can fill up on healthy carbs and protein to refuel after a long day. It also only requires one pot, making cleanup time a piece of cake.

Cook your vegetables in your pot until they are nice and tender. Boil your pasta in a pan until it absorbs most of the water—be sure to save some of that starchy water for your sauce. Throw everything together with some cheese and pasta water to create a creamy sauce.

You can customize this dish with whatever veggies, pasta, and cheese you prefer. Once you’ve finished, give your pan a quick rinse and wipe down. Then, enjoy a satisfying meal without any of the mess.

Creatively Delicious Sandwiches

Sometimes, you don’t have the energy for all of that cooking. For a quick bite that still packs a punch, get creative with your sandwiches. An apple and peanut butter sandwich or a cold BLT can be a great pick-me-up during any trek through the Sierra.

If bread isn’t your thing, you could also make sandwich wraps. Spread ranch, mayonnaise, hummus, or other condiments on a tortilla, and add your favorite deli meat and toppings. These are perfect for campers who are always on the go.

Of course, bringing along some perishable food items doesn’t hurt. Still, mixing up your camping meals will ensure you never go hungry or become bored with your food options.

IMAGE CREDIT: ADOBE STOCK IMAGE #299033508 BY cherryandbees

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