From Your initial order to your daily calorie needs Right On trek is changing the game in Backpacking food prep forever.

Spring 2021 Gear Review – A new backpacking meal prep and delivery service is looking to change the game forever in backpacking meal prep, healthy meal options and concierge services. Right On Trek made to order backpacking meal service we believe is setting a new standard in backpacking meal prep.

We get asked to review many products and generally always love to give new items a try. So when we were approached about trying a new backpacking food line, of course we said yes and truly expected more of the same. If you are new to backpacking you may be like me, in that you just tend to grab the prepared foods for ease of mind and convenience. But lets be honest, prepared freeze dried foods on the trail are not anything like eating at home.

So when we go the invite to try out the Right on trek meals I was expecting to order a meal or two try them out and basically use things like price and salt content ot make my decisions. Boy could i have been more wrong?

Right On Trek is nothing like the others I have tried. They offer a Made to order service online that was fantastic.

You choose:

  • how many days you will be on trail?
  • Are you planning for yourself of a family/group?
  • Set your preferences / or Surprise me
  • How many calories a day to you wish to consume ( A quick guide is available to let you know industry norms such as you need 400-600 calories per hour of hiking)
  • Should we include moderately spicy foods?
  • Do you prefer vegetarian?
  • May we include dairy?
  • Select the hot beverages you’d like with breakfast, Dinner
  • Select your favorite condiments. (No Seriously they let you choose condiment options like hot sauce, creamer, sugar, salt and pepper.

Then they give you a menu run down of Breakfast, snacks, Dinner, snacks , drinks etc. every thing can be swapped out for other options, it gives you calories per item, the package weights of your daily meal package, descriptions and price per day of your package.

Then you order it. Pricing is extremely reasonable and all the options allow you to customize to your hearts content.

If that was the end of this experience, I beleive that it would already set them apart. But then your package arrives and the service level is off the chart. Not only do you receive a personal note fromt he owners with your package, but their care for the leave no trace principles come pouring through their package delivery.

Each days meal package comes labels and sealed in a clear zip lock bag so you can see everything for day 1, 2 or 3 for example but this bag also serves as your garbage bag to haul all your trash out once it is used. The packs easily fit in my Bear cans for Yosemite and Desolation backpacking trips and easily fits in the Top of my backpack if your like me and like to keep day one easily accessible. Finally in the package i got a smaller zip lock with all my chosen condiments, salt and pepper, hot sauce, creamer for my coffee and sugar. The package is labeled Charlie’s Condiments. A Nice touch to personalize it.

My Day 1 package included Eggs for breakfast, Snacks such as Peanuts, A Proteins bar, Cookies, M&Ms. Cheese and crackers. For dinner I choose mountain chili and tea as a drink.

Day 2 included Cream of wheat for breakfast more awesome snacks and lunch meal options and then a Gado Gado black pasta dish that was terrific.

New Meals on the Trail

So the new meals are packed and it is early in spring here in the Sierra so these meals are being used in long day trips as I prepare for the season of backpacking. But I took my Jetboil with me and tried each of the meals and most of the snacks on several trips on my Sierra Adventures.

My first observation is these meals are not like your traditional foil bag meal kits. they are more like bring the items from your cupboards. They cook directly in the water on your stove. Being my first time ever cooking something in my jetboil (Usually I just heat water and add water to a foil bag) I don’t mind telling you that I was a complete Novice cook and had all kinds of issues with food boiling over and making a mess. But here is the key, I didn’t fully read the instructions before hand and assumed that they were just like my foil bags. If I had read the instructions i would have seen they took less water and the meals would have beeen easy to create.

The Egg breakfast was quite delightful as it had really nice Dehydrated Mushroom slices that plumped up when cooked and the spices in the eggs were spot on with fresh herb mixtures.

The Backcountry Chili had a very rich flavor, but like most mountain chilis on the market, it had a bit too much sodium for my liking. But I will say it had way more flavor than the last Mountain Chili I had on trail.

Cooking and Clean -up notes

These meals were easy to cook, but you need to follow instructions. for example when I cooked the eggs it came with an Olive oil package for coating the pan. I skipped this step and guess what the clean up was a bit much. You ever try to scrub over cook eggs off your pans while in the wilderness? Next time i will use the olive oil and assume the pan mess would be much better.

As a matter of fact the only negative I could say about this company and its meals is that clean up is much more difficult than the foil bag system. Not only you need to use more water to clean up but you always tend to leave little bits of food particles in your wash up. That is not exactly leave no trace.

However this small feature I assume I will get much better at next time. I will be using these guys in 2021 backpacking trips and practicing better cooking methods simply because of the ease and experience of the Made to order system that Right on trek is offering.

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