The western side of this country features amazing environments with challenging terrains. Here’s a guide to the best off-roading locations on the west coast.

Taking your 4×4 with you on a road-trip vacation is a great way to explore new environments while having a blast. Here are some of the best off-roading locations on the west coast of America that any off-roader must visit.

Rock Creek in Montana

Montana isn’t high up on people’s must-visit list, so it’s easy to skip over the state when planning your next off-road vacation. However, many true 4×4 enthusiasts swear by Rock Creek, a sixty-mile trail parallel to many beautiful streams and mountains. The level of difficulty of this location is relatively low, as the main draw is the excellent wildlife and environment.

The Rubicon Trail in California

Jeep has a special edition of Wranglers called “The Rubicon,” named after this legendary trail in northern California. Road tripping here promises impressive views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, El Dorado National Forest, and Tahoe National Forest. Along the way, you can expect challenging terrain that’ll test your 4×4, but the experience is unlike any other. You can’t truly become an off-roading expert until you conquer the mighty Rubicon.

Noonday Trail in Oregon

Noonday Trail is the perfect location for beginners as the terrain is mostly tame. Many travelers flock to this region of Oregon to take in the views of various waterfalls and mountains. Furthermore, the trail is littered with old mining towns from the 1800s, many of which are abandoned and ripe for exploration. There are still many challenging inclines for thrill-seekers to drive their 4×4 over if they get bored of the otherwise flat dirt road.

Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes in Washington State

With 6,000 total acres of entertaining terrain, the Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes are a must-visit for any interested off-roader. The mud flats feature 3,000 acres of sand, mud, and trails, all perfect places to get your 4×4 dirty. Next to the flats are another 3,000 acres of rolling sand dunes, where you can test your skills and have an unforgettable time. In truth, the state of Washington features excellent off-roading trails that the general public isn’t aware of.

These four destinations are only some of the best off-roading locations on the west coast of America, as there’s so much more to explore. The best part about planning a 4×4 vacation on the western side of the country is the ability to hit many spots quickly. Map out your trip before hitting the road, so you don’t miss any experience!



Publisher of Sierra Rec Magazine. An avid hiker and explorer of mountain lifestyle and adventure. I love to discover new trails, hike along rivers and hang a hammock along the shores of a mountain lake. I often great people on the trail and have found some of my favorite places from the advice of people I meet in the Wilderness. I love the sierra and just like sharing what I know.

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