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Caldor Fire Morning Report – September 5, 2021

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Caples Lake and Desolation Wilderness Focused on Stopping hot spots

Caldor Fire lines Sept. 5, 2021

South Lake Tahoe – September 5, 2021 – Caldor fire Morning Update Acres burned: 215,400 Containment: 43%: The fire grew by 1,288 acres overnight, for a total increase of 1,293 acres over the past 24 hours. Containment remains at 43% this morning. Hotspots near Caples Lake off HWy 88 near Kirkwood and the continued work near Desolation Wilderness as well as the Trimmer Peak containment work is the story of the morning. On the North edge of the Caldor fire a region being discussed at Wrights lake is showing the fire slowing at it edge as it has run into the granite of Pyramid Peak near Lake Sylvia. Containment efforts are focused on securing cabins at Wrights lake. At Echo Lake the fire continues to creep down the edge towards upper Echo lake, but as I hear one reporter suggest, much of the creeping is from trees falling and rolling downhill. Fire seems pretty contained at moment, but preparations are still on going near Fallen leaf lake incase this fire jumps the lake.

Up top near Heavenly Ski lodge the fire has stalled a bit on Trimmer peak region and fire fighters are seeing little movement down the hill towards South Lake but still feel confident in dozer lines below the fire. fire fighters as we understand are working hand line all the way around this point of the fire all day.

The maps show a small bit of growth South of Christmas Valley, but reports suggest slow going here, but if you are familiar with the area there is a lot of fuel in here. firefighter continue to be aggressive in trying to tie this part up.

Over on the South Eastern side of the fire near Caples Lake the fire has passed the Dam section of Caples behind the campground and has slowed on the Northside of the fire, stuck in the granite there but spotting to various fuel crops just off HWY 88.

Caldor Fire Map 8/5/2021

WEST ZONE SUMMARY: Firefighters continued to make progress last night mopping up and patrolling the fire perimeter. Minor spotting was observed and was safely contained. Today, crews will work along the more active areas, along the northeast and southeast areas of the West Zone, tying in with existing control line and mopping up. Damage inspections continue, with approximately 80% of structures assessed.

EAST ZONE SUMMARY: Firefighters will continue their aggressive firefighting tactics and mop-up operations in all areas of the fire today. Last night, fire behavior was minimal to moderate, and crews held the fire within containment lines. Wildland Fire Modules will be hiking into the Desolation Wilderness to engage directly with the fire using minimal impact suppression techniques. On the south and southwestern sides of Echo Lake, the fire continues to back down the hillside. Overall, the northern flank of the fire is holding well within the current containment lines. Firefighters continue their work diligently with mop up operations. To the north, contingency groups are working to reduce fuel using masticators along roadways surrounding Fallen Leaf Lake and Angora Ridge. These contingency lines are being constructed as backup plans, however, the direct firefighting taking place now is making great progress and holding well. On the northeastern “finger” of the fire, direct containment lines are almost tied in below Trimmer Peak, and mop-up is progressing well. Moving down to Luther Spire, hot spots still exist. Firefighters will continue direct attack on these areas with assistance from aircraft as visibility allows.There is still much work to be done tying in dozer lines along the south and southeast flank of the fire above Caples Lake. So far however, firefighters are making good progress with direct attack tactics here. Safety concerns for firefighters remain, with the potential for rollout of smoldering material and hazardous tree snags. Structure protection groups continue to mop up around structures, so it will be safe to repopulate some of the communities around South Lake Tahoe in the coming days. (No official timeline or estimate for repopulation of these areas has been announced.)

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