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7 ways to experience The Carson Valley during Eagles & Ag week Feb 19-22

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The Carson Valley Eagle & Ag Event is a special time to visit and see the Carson Valley

Carson Valley, NV – February 19 2015 – If you have never ventured over to the Carson Valley or dropped down from South Lake Tahoe for a quick visit, this weekend might be a great time for you to give it a try. Late January and the entire month of February is typically a fascinating time in The Carson Valley.
The Summer Green grass is nowhere to be found, but the mountains are dressed in White peaks and Purple shadows. The Carson River typically flows with a higher water level. The Cattle are herded up and are abundantly showcased along the roadsides. And with the Cattle comes birthing season.  (Ok, yes I just wrote birthing season, a little strange I know but hang in there with me.) A celebrated season for ranchers as they work to grow their herds and all that comes with running a ranch. And a celebrated season for locals and guests as we get to not only see the little calves bouncing along in the pasture but with The birth of calves, we know that the Eagles are coming to town for their once a year feeding frenzy.

the 2013 Eagles & Agriculture Photo Contest. Her ‘Calf and Eagle Playing’ image was selected by the Eagles and Agriculture Steering Committee as the best Eagle image and her ‘Newborn Calf’ image!

the 2013 Eagles & Agriculture Photo Contest. Her ‘Calf and Eagle Playing’ image was selected by the Eagles and Agriculture Steering Committee as the best Eagle image and her ‘Newborn Calf’ image!

On any given day driving on HWY 395, Hwy 88 and Foothill road you can see Bald Eagles, Golden eagles, Hawks and various other birds of prey in the fields feeding on afterbirth, or perched on a fence post or telephone pole waiting for the next opportunity. From afar this might sound all that pleasant, but trust me is quite spectacular.
So if you coming to visit, what else is there to do while you are here? The Carson Valley Visitor’s Authority has an entire program for experiencing the birds. There are guided tours, Art shows with some of the best wildlife photography in the area, Dinners and evening events that are just plain fun to get out and enjoy. These events do take reservations or pre purchased tickets so please contact the Visitors Authority for details

But Here are 7 recreational opportunities to try while you are in town for the weekend.

  1. Cycle Foothill Road – Absolutely great weather to hope on your Cycle and cruise Foothill Road from the North Side of the Valley, Through Genoa and on south into California. Also a great way to watch for the Eagles along the pastors and river valley route.
    Photo by Nancy Yu - ride chronicles

    Photo by Nancy Yu – ride chronicles

  2. Hike The Genoa Trail System – One of Sierra REC’s Favorite local trails this trail has Three entry locations around Genoa and provides great views of the valley. Possible to See Eagles perched in Trees along the trail along with other wildlife.
  3. Mountain Bike the Pinenuts – With moderate Temperatures the Pinenuts are a perfect place to get out the Mountain Bike and explore the wide open range of The Carson Valley’s East Side.
  4. Horseback Ride the Fay Luther Trail – Bring the Horses and enjoy one of our local favorites for recreational Horseback riding & Hiking. Another place to possibly see the Eagles and Hawks perched up in the trees at the base of the Sierra
  5. Fishing Topaz Lake – So you caught a glimpse of the Eagles and now you want to get the pole out and try a little fishing. Head South on HWY 395 to Topaz Lake.  The ongoing Winter Fishing Derby is in full force.
  6. Ski Heavenly Resort – Of course if you’re a traditional Winter Recreationalist, bring the skis and enjoy a few runs on Heavenly. 34″ and 62 trails currently open on the mountain.
  7. Explore the Tahoe Rim Trail – Just above the Carson Valley in the Tahoe Rim trail. Great starting points for a day hike on both the Kingsbury Grade side and the Spooner Summit side of the Valley. Limited Winter Snow fall has made the trail and easy winter hike. Patches of snow still exist on the trail but plenty of bare ground also and the weather is great for a winter hike.


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