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Fall Recreation in Alpine County

Fall Alpine County

Alpine County California is 15 miles south of Minden Nevada and South Lake Tahoe, and is one of my favorite places in the Sierra Mountain range. From the abundance of mountain lakes and trails the variety of landscapes that grace the eyeball as I drive through for my next adventure.
Fall is especially beautiful in Alpine county as Hope Valley transcends into a showcase of vivid fall colors. Driving through and seeing the cars lined along the road, I wonder what it must be like to be a fisherman that call this place home. To enjoy your favorite stream and have this beauty of the fall colors come alive around you.

Winnemucca Lake reflections
Winnemucca Lake reflections

 Today my son and I head towards Kirkwood ski Resort for an afternoon hike into Winnemucca lake. One of the most beautiful lakes I have found in the Sierras, Winnemucca lake is only accessible by foot, Horse and I believe Mtn. Bike,  the hike can be accessed from two locations. First there is a National Trail head off hwy 88 that allows you to hike in past Frog lake,  second you can park at Wood lake campground below and hike up to the lake. This route is my preferred route, as you hike along the stream the connects Winnemucca lake and Wood Lake. To get to The Winnemucca Hiking trails from the north, Travel out of Minden Nevada on Hwy 88 for about 35 miles. Just as you climb out of the valley from Red Lake you will see the trail head off to the left. If coming in from South Tahoe, take Hwy 89 to Hwy 88 and head towards Kirkwood Ski resort. It is roughly the same distance once you turn on Hwy 89. If you are coming from the Lodi/Jackson region, head over hwy 88, pass by Silver lake and Caples lake, Wood lake turn off is just after Caples lake, and the trail head is at the top of the mountain, typically can’t miss, lots of cars parked there.

If you are a wildflower lover, reminder that this hike in the spring is a completely different hike and the wild flowers bloom all over the mountain side and depending on the snow season you often get a mix of wild flowers and snow pack views that make this hike just spectacular.Once at Winnemucca lake, About an Hour hike, just sit back and relax and one of the clearest bodies of water I have ever seen. or take the challenge and climb Round Top Hill and get a fantastic View of the entire region.

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