You should know how to keep your camping equipment clean whether you camp often or once a year. Avoid unnecessary damage while maintaining your gear.

Knowing how to keep your camping equipment clean is integral to the lifespan of your gear. You can avoid throwing away expensive items by properly maintaining them. For instance, it’s important to understand the different types of zippers since most camping gear uses them. Knowing about different materials will help you choose the right cleaners. Find out how to keep your camping gear in good shape.

Camping Tent

After you use your tent, you’ll want to sweep it out. Ensure it’s dry before you put it away and keep it in a large bag or hang it up. If you notice mud or stains, scrub them out and allow to dry before putting your tent away. You should also inspect the tent for holes and patch them right away, so you don’t have to deal with it later.

Sleeping Bag

Check the label on your sleeping bag for care instructions. The manufacturer will give the best recommendation. Otherwise, your options are to wash by hand or machine wash. If you decide to machine wash your sleeping bag, use gentle cycles, and rinse the sleeping bag thoroughly. To dry your sleeping bag, use low heat. If you have a down sleeping bag, throw a tennis ball in the machine to avoid clumps.

Hiking Backpacks

You don’t want forgotten sandwiches, old leaves, and used bandages festering in your hiking backpack until the next camping season. The best way to clean your backpack is to empty all the pockets and shake it out. If it needs a deeper clean than that, grab a vacuum. You should be able to get most crumbs with a vacuum hose. Next, use a damp wash cloth to scrub any remaining dirt. Don’t forget to remove dirt and grime from the zippers, too!

Outdoor Clothing

If you have specific clothes that you only use for camping or hiking, you’ll want to wash them in between use, so they don’t start to smell or grow mildew. Your boots can quickly become caked in mud. Try to knock off as much mud as possible, and then use water and a brush to remove the rest. A toothbrush will help you get into the finest groves of your boot.

Pro Tip: For jackets and other clothing, you’ll want to check the label for care instructions. Most items are safe to throw in the washing machine and dryer if you use a gentle cycle.

Know how to keep your camping equipment clean so that it lasts longer. Taking care of your gear immediately after a trip is the best way to ensure proper maintenance. Set yourself up for a good camping trip when you take steps ahead of time to clean your tent, clothing, and other equipment.

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