Lassen National Forest – July 20, 2021 – The Dixie fire which started on July 14th is now covering area from Bucks Lake to the west shores of Lake Almanor. The Dixie Fire remained active overnight, still moving to the East and North. Crews continued to aggressively fight the fire to increase and strengthen control lines. Isolated thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening but will most likely remain East of the fire. Ground crews will continue to strengthen contingency lines from Chips Creek to High Lakes. Weather permitting today, air resources including air tankers, very large air tankers, and type 2 medium copters and type 1 heavy copters will fly over the fire and support suppression efforts on the ground.

Evacuation Information:PLUMAS: P Zone 1- Evacuation Order for High Lakes area, Storrie, Tobin, and Rock Creek. Evacuation Order for Belden, Rich Bar, Virgilia, Seneca, and Twain communities along the SR70 corridor. Evacuation Order to begin SR70 at Pugla Rd along the north edge of the SR70 corridor to Rich Bar Rd, from SR70 at Rich Bar Rd., to the north along the Pacific Coast Trail to the Plumas Co./Butte Co. Line, from the Plumas Co./Butte Co. Line west along the county line to the intersection of SR70 and Pulga Rd.P Zone 2- Evacuation Order for Meadow Valley and Buck Lakes communities. Evacuation to include the south edge of the SR70 corridor from Belden east to Twain, south from Twain to Snake Lake Rd at Bucks Lake Rd, to include the communities of Spanish Ranch and Meadow Valley, from south on Bucks Lake Rd at Snake Lake Rd to the intersection of Bucks Lake Rd and Big Creek (south), from the intersection of Bucks Lake Rd and Big Creek Rd (south) along Bucks Lake Rd to the Plumas/Butte Co. Line, from Bucks Lake Rd at the Plumas/Butte Co line to the north, along the Plumas/Butte Co. line, Where it intersects with SR70 at Pulga Rd.NATIONAL FOREST: Plumas National Forest within the Dixie Fire Area per Forest Order No. 05-11-00-21-14

Road Closures:

Plumas CountyCamp Creek RoadSR 70 at the North junction with SR 89 Greenville WyeOroville-Quincy Highway at Plains Rd (Four Trees)Bucks Lake Rd at River Dance

Butte County:SR 70 is closed from 14.3 miles East of the junction of SR 191 (Jarbo Gap at CAL FIRE Station 36

For updated road closures please go to Caltrans information at Division of Traffic Operations – Road Information – California Highway Information

Evacuation Shelter Information:

Plumas CountyAn Evacuation Center is being opened at the Springs of Hope Church in Quincy at 59 Bell Lane. If there is no attendance the shelter may close, at which time you can call 283-6300 if you need shelter because of being evacuated.

Animal Evacuations Centers:

Plumas CountyAssistance for animals (including large animals/ livestock), call (530) 283-3673 or (530) 283-6300.

Butte County:Butte County animal sheltering at 2279 Del Oro and Mono Ste E, Oroville, CA Animal Shelter intake hours are 8am-8pm. (530) 895-0000

National Forest Closures

The Lassen National Forest (LNF) implemented Forest Order 06-21-04 as of July 16 (Dixie Fire Closure Order) to protect public health and safety through September 16. For additional information, visit the LNF Website: 

MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDERS have been issued for the following areas:
• High Lakes (PLUMAS COUNTY)
o Recreational area of Plumas County east of the Butte/Plumas County line
• Plumas/Butte County line east to Twain
o Includes both sides of Hwy 70 in the areas of Rock Creek, Storrie, Tobin, Belden,
Caribou Rich Bar, and Twain.
• Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake
o Bucks Lake Rd at Riverdance and everything west to the Butte/Plumas County line. This
includes Snake Lake, Meadow Valley, Tollgate, Bucks Lake, Bucks Lake Highlands, and
all surrounding areas.
• Caribou Rd north to the Humbug Rd and Humboldt Rd intersection
o This includes Belden Reservoir and Butt Valley Reservoir
• Prattville Butt Reservoir Road and everything west to the Butte/Plumas county line
• The community of Seneca south to Hwy 70
EVACUATION WARNINGS ARE IN EFFECT for the following areas:
• NEW West Shore of Lake Almanor
o From the Canyon Dam northwest to Hwy 36 at Hwy 89. This includes the community
Prattville, Big Meadows, and Lake Almanor West along with the Rocky Point
Campground and the Canyon Dam Boat Launch.
o Everything west of Hwy 89 between Canyon Dam and Hwy 36, west to the County Line.
• Bucks Lake Rd from Riverdance west to Mountain House in Butte County,
• For current State Highway/Route information visit

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