The Carson Valley trail association does a great job in the Carson Valley in developing multiuse trails all around the valley. And i have heard in the past that their is a dream to eventually build a connected network of trails that would loop the valley and connect the Pine nuts with the Easten edge of the Sierra and the Tahoe Rim trail above Tahoe. so when i find new trails in the Pine nut region I often wonder who is making the trails and are they part of a bigger plan.

Well I don’t believe this new day use trail is part of any association with the Carson Valley trail assoc. However I am fairly certain who ever is building these use trails, that they have worked trail crews before and understand how to create a trail with out making it seem out of place.

Introducing a trail I am labeling the Lower Hot Springs Mountain trail. A simple 2 mile round trail out and back trail at this time that looks like it starts near the end of the paved region on Vicky rd. in the Carson Valley and traverses across the shallow foothills of Hot springs mountain.

This easy trail has modest elevation change and is mostly rock and sand, it is at times clearly marked with rock borders that have been set up to follow but at times also blends in with the natural terrain of the mountain making it a bit hard to follow, especially towards the end. For this reason I would say this trail was developed in the past year by someone who just love trails. Or maybe it was a way to hike up to an area many of us know as a Dog cemetery on the mountain. I would bet that this becomes more defined in time.

I enjoy taking my dog up on Hot Springs mountain and walking through the sage brush in the fall and winter seasons. Summer is a bit hot with little no trees to speak of for cover. Next time you are looking for an easy hike that is roughly 2 miles this might be a great place to experience and early trail build.

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