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Perks of a Full-Face Helmet

Perks of a Full-Face Helmet
Written by Kayla Beirne

Extreme sports are finding their way into every part of the world, and nowhere more so than the natural world. From mountain biking to snowboarding, there’s a greater need to suit up and protect yourself while enjoying those sports’ assorted thrills and chills. But don’t forget your most important asset—your head. Here’s a list of the perks of a full-face helmet and how it protects everything inside your noggin.

Protection From Less Harmful Stuff Prevents Bigger Injuries

No matter the sport, a full-face helmet offers more overall protection for your head, and not just from severe injury. Full-face helmets provide an impenetrable barrier against the things you don’t think about, like sunburn, rain and other precipitation, and even insects. Noise reduction is another positive feature, protecting your ears as well. Consider also how much wind resistance is cut down with a streamlined helmet, whether it’s a full-face snowboard helmet or a mountain bike helmet. It all adds up!

Your Likelihood of Survival After an Accident Increases

Science rules the day here. If you wear a shock-absorbing full-face helmet while mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, or during any other high-risk sport, you’re more likely to walk away from an accident under your own power, and with no long-range effects. In fact, studies have long proven that wearing a helmet reduces your risk of injury by as much as 70 percent. Frankly, when it becomes a fight between you and physics, physics usually wins. Give yourself an edge with a helmet.

Rules Are Rules

If you’re out riding the unsupervised backroads, skiing down new snow on a remote Sierra slope, or what have you, it’s your call whether to wear a helmet or not (but please be smart and wear one). In official competitions and supervised areas, more likely than not you’ll have to wear a helmet. Period. In all events held under a permit from the US Cycling requires a mandatory and securely fastened helmet.

If you don’t comply, you can’t compete. That usually goes for ski associations as well, not to mention resorts, tracks, and other places that hold competitions. It’s a question of insurance, liability, and the fact that they want their respective sport to remain fun and safe for all. Set a good example and helmet up!

You Look Awesome

Some folks think there’s no way to look good in a helmet. They’re wrong, of course, not to mention unimaginative. One of the perks of a full-face helmet is that most helmet designs look sleek, cool, and futuristic. And don’t forget, you can add your own style to your helmet by decorating and personalizing it however you like. Nothing looks better or smarter than wearing your helmet whenever you compete!

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