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Product Review: FrostPak Coolpak From Seattle Sports Delivers in the Heat

Exclusive Sierra REC Magazine Product Review – Sept 28, 2016 –  Ok who loves coming back from a long day hike to a cold beer  or bottle of water? I know I do, so when given the opportunity to review the Seattle Sports Cool Pak, one of the products from its FrostPak™ Soft Cooler Line, I was interested to see if it could meet my expectations.
But let me back up, because what I found with this product when it arrived for review, is that Seattle Sports did not just make this bag to be a car pack or short trip down to the beach pack, no they added comfortable shoulder straps so you could actually take it on your hike if you like and enjoy a cold drink or meal at your favorite hike into destination. Seattle Sports has always been a company that focuses on products to provide a great solution for the outdoors, especially for any outdoor adventure involving water. However this is my First Seattle Sports Adventure item, so am excited to see how it fits with my gear and my appetite for days trips.
Frostpak CoolPak
The CoolPak is a sturdy Soft Shell Cooler Bag that holds approx 44 liters, weighs about 3.5 lbs, and is 19″ tall and has an opening close to 12″ in diameter. Ergonomic shoulder straps will help hold the load of 24  sodas and some homemade sammies. RF welded seams and dual layer insulation will keep the cold in for hours. Remember, if you pack it in…Pack it out.  It is Made in the USA.
First Impressions:
The Frostpak™ Coolpak is a good looking product, sleek vinyl looking shell with clean logo brand. The white and Blk version I have has proven to bee very easy to keep clean and fits well with all my outdoor gear. The Shoulder straps and welding on the pak seem to be solid and the adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps are comfortable even when the bag is loaded.
Putting the Product to Test:
For me, the real value of an item like this is the longevity in which the pack will keep my items cold. I tend to be a day hiker or day adventure sports enthusiast, so I want a product that can be easily added to my gear and will perform in all types of conditions. For our test, I wanted to test the length of time that the Coolpak would keep my items cold. So I loaded the Coolpak with Ice, drinks and food and headed out for my adventures.
First Test, A Family Atheltic Event Day Trip over the Sierra to the Heat of the California Central Valley. Loaded with Ice, drinks, Sandwiches and Fruit I placed the Coolpak in the back of the car and was off for a grat day exploring multiple stops over the Sierra and to my sons Cross country meet.  Once at the meet some 3.5 hours later, I grab the bag for a quick check, honestly didn’t look like a single ice cube had melted. An Hour in the sun and a few more opens for drinks or snacks and the Coolpak is already making a great impression.Frostpak Coolpak
Easy to Carry around at the event, cool on the back because of the ice I added, and the temperature inside is holding strong.  A trip back to Reno for some shopping and then back home this day ends up being a 10-hour road trip. When I get home and open the Coolpak, over half the ice is still solid in the bag. Impressive. The temperature in our car probably was near mid 80’s all day and throughout our drive and activities, we were in the bag multiple times for drinks and food.
Second Test, A day trip to Yosemite National Park and another 10 hour day experience. This time, we did the same process with Ice and drinks but would carry it to the lake shore, place it in back of the truck, a little hotter back there, and see how it holds up to more activity. I love Yosemite National Park Day Hikes, so this was an important test for me and my lifestyle.  Once I reached my destination the test really began, and my first comp[laint of the bag.  No pockets, so on a day trip experience where you need to hike into a destination the Coolpak does have limitations. No additional pocket space for carrying anything not in the cooler.  It does have two adjustable straps on top for holding a blanket or something rolled up, but no space for a camera, ball or lotion for example.  We also discovered the importance of keeping the Coolpak upright when using real ice int he Pak, as the zipper is not watertight,and will release the cool water when on its side.
Frostpak Coolpak by Seattle Sports
But that being said, the Coolpak, does its job extremely well, The Ice melted a little more this trip but 10 hours later I was still pouring our Ice chunks in my sink at home.
Overall  we love the Seattle Sport FROSTPAK™ COOLPAK, every camping gear pack or outdoor gear set up needs an ice chest or cooler pack that provides portability and effective cooling power. This Coolpak meets all those needs with high marks.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received The Frostpak™ Coolpak for free from Seattle Sports in consideration for a gear review .™™

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