Carson City, NV., September 21, 2020 –  – The Carson Ranger District on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest is spraying trees to protect them against bark beetles in the Scotts Lake dispersed camping area near Hope Valley in Alpine County, California. For public safety, this dispersed camping area will be closed starting on Wednesday Sept. 30 and reopen no later than Thursday, Oct. 15.

We are continuously monitoring areas around the Forest, especially recreation areas, campgrounds, and popular day use areas in order to manage forest health issues,” said Carson Ranger District Forester Annabelle Monti. “Our goal is to ensure trees stay healthy to provide aesthetic and ecological value.”

Trees were identified by staff in order to preserve the forested atmosphere of the camping area. The trees selected will be sprayed with a high-pressure mixture of an insecticide called carbaryl that targets specific bark beetles that are active in the area.

“Carbaryl is an insecticide that is harmful to humans in liquid form, and therefore the area will be closed to the public during spray operations,” added Monti. “Once the insecticide dries, it is no longer a hazard.”

More information about using carbaryl insecticide to treat trees against bark beetle, please visit:

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