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Sonora Pass: The Ultimate Day Trip Fishing Experience by Braden Hudnall

Braden Hudnall Shares His Latest Adventure In the Sierra – Sonora Pass

Sierra Rec Magazine~ Guest Post ~ July 2017 – The Sierra lifestyle is such a complex and interesting story to tell, meet any person who has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys the same regions you do in the Sierra and you’re likely to hear something new about places you once visited. Here at Sierra Rec Magazine, we are always encouraging like minded explorers and adventure seekers in the Sierra to share their story. We are pleased today to bring you a story from a young man who is attending the University of Nevada in Reno. Braden Hudnall graduated from Douglas High School in Minden and has lived with a family that enjoys the variety of adventures in the Sierra. We hope you enjoy Braden’s write up of a day trip to Sonora Pass with his Dad.

Sonora Pass: The Ultimate Day Trip

By Braden Hudnall

When I was younger, I never particularly enjoyed going fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the thrill of catching a fish. I even have a large fish that I caught once in Montana hanging up on the wall of my bedroom. However, as a young, scatter-brained child, I could never wait around until a fish would just so happen to take the bait of the excellent cast my dad threw for me. I simply lacked the patience necessary to be a good fisherman.

Now, as a twenty-year-old college student in his junior year, I realize the mental benefits that fishing provides. To be out in nature slowly fishing the day away is an incredible stress reliever and really helps highlight the important things in life. Namely family, friends, and the beautiful environment that we’re so lucky to live in.

The great thing about the Nevada/California area in which we live is the multitude of secluded and glorious areas showcasing the best these states have to offer.
For those who enjoy fishing and hiking, I recommend a day trip to Sonora Pass in California. The Sonora Pass trailhead is located off of Leavitt Meadows Campground and features several beautiful lakes, all of which are filled with fish willing to take the bait.
My dad, brother, and I recently took a trip out to Sonora Pass for a day of fishing. This trip is certainly not for the faint of heart, however. Hiking is a necessary part of the adventure as the lakes are about two and a half miles away from the start of the trailhead.

We trekked through the breathtaking meadow with enthusiasm, excited to begin fishing. The hiking itself is perfectly manageable for a moderately equipped hiker and the trail to get to these lakes has some of the most stunning views in the Sierra Nevada area. We walked along the raging West Walker River. This river is usually a pretty good place to fish, just not at the moment due to how fast it’s moving. Lush meadows, tall trees, and delightful views are commonplace on this hike, making it an enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend bringing bug spray because the mosquitos are plentiful. Sunscreen is also recommended for the hike back, when the sun is high in the sky.

We began fishing at Roosevelt Lake. Because it was relatively hot, the fish weren’t really biting. We decided to head over to Lane Lake to try our luck. This required a short hike through many puddles and creeks. I recommend wearing water resistant shoes as some of these puddles are too large to hurdle.
Once we got out to Lane Lake, we immediately discovered that the fishing was much better. My dad was the first to catch a fish. The cutthroat was about 17 inches and a magnificent crimson hue. All in all, we caught five fish between 14 and 18 inches in a three-hour period. I recommend using a lure or spinner when casting out into the lake as the fish seemed more receptive to these.

Overall, the experience was absolutely magnificent. The breathtaking environment allowed me to take my mind off of stressful things like college and work and instead focus on being outside. Make sure to block off a substantial amount of time to make this trip and experience the fantastic hiking and fishing that Sonora Pass has to offer.

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