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The Lace Locker Delivers On the Trail

Lace Locker – The Next Flugel-binder Dream Becomes Reality

Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review 2017 –  In  The 1988 Movie Cocktail, Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shoe introduce us to the famous line that has driven entrepreneurs for over two decades now. ” Hey, your Flugel-binder is out there waiting to be discovered”. Well, we are here today to exclaim that another of the world’s problems have been solved with the Lace Locker. And I for one am sitting here thinking about the Flugel-binder!
The Lace locker showed up at the office and at first glance, I just chuckled to myself. Was this little pair of plastic and velcro really going to be worth my time? The Lace Locker promised to help solve the problem of shoes coming untied and loose forever. And that I was excited about. I am one of those who often wondered if I missed something important in shoe tying class. And when I am on the trail in the Sierra the last thing I need to worry about is tripping over my laces.
The Lace Locker delivers! Easy to place on my shoes and besides the bright color of the Lace Lockers I choose to try, you would have never known they were on my shoes. The best part is after 8 miles of trail hiking in the Sierra, I never once had to stop and tie my shoe. Really such a simple solution to a problem that plagues millions of kids and some adults (ie… ME).
The Lace Locker

With LaceLocker®, you will never have to double or triple knot your laces again! Use your own laces, no cutting involved! LaceLockers® are sold in pairs and can be easily installed in seconds! One size fits all shoes.
LaceLockers® are a great safety device for runners, walkers, hikers, and any sport activity. They are also helpful for children learning to tie their laces, and for individuals with disabilities to prevent them from tripping and falling.
LaceLockers® are available in assorted solid colors and graphic patterns or, with a minimum purchase, they can also be customized with a unique logo for your promotional needs!

Now after trying the Lace Locker out, I gave a pair to my son and his fiance because they love to run. I expect they will find the same result and love this little product.
But then I checked out the company and found out that the owner Carol ‘STASH’ Stanley was inspired by her mother’s life and is dedicated to helping young women get to college.  So with every purchase, All net proceeds from your LaceLocker® purchase provide first generation, underprivileged young women the opportunity to attend college.  Tell me that is not cool!
I am keeping the Lace Locker in my day pack for my next hike. You should run out and get a pair or two for your bag. The Lace Locker…. my 2017 Flugel-binder of the year! Brilliant!


Product Review of Lace Locker – Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Lace Locker for free from in consideration for a gear review.
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