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Bring The Groove To Your Next Lake Tahoe Beach Party Or Sierra Campout With Ramp Shot

Challenge Your Friends To A Little Ramp Shot Battle on Your Next Outing

Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review –  We have got a new game to challenge you and your friends as we enter the second summer season in Lake Tahoe. Check out the Ramp Shot, a new game that which is just now making it out West, that will drive your competitive spirit and be sure to add a little laughter to your next beach outing or campfire game play.
Rampshot Lake Tahoe
I am one of those guys who always brings a game for the beach or campsite.  So when I was called by the guys at Rampshot and offered a chance to try out this new game, I was all in.  One can only lay around at the beach for so long.  Besides who doesn’t like a great game with a little friendly competition as you enjoy the Sierra lifestyle.
Ramp Shot might be the next big game, replacing the tailgate games and other beach games for a season or two.  The concept of the game is a cross between Basketball, Volleyball and Keep Away. Set with Two “Ramps” and Four Colored ball two teams of two face off in the epic duel of ramp shot.  The game seems simple enough as the shooter try’s to make a shot into the opposing ramp similar to Horseshoes, but here is where the action gets good. Ramp shot is designed with these massive grooves on the top and anything but a swish by the shooter and the ball will fly in all kinds of wicked directions. If your teammate who starts on the opposite side from you can catch the ricochet your team still scores, however, if the other team catches the rebound they get a steal and have a chance at more points on their turn.
Ramp shot provided our group hours of fun and the kids took turns embarrassing their dads with much quicker reflexes. And then started to up the challenge with trick shot angles and distance shooting to add additional variations of bounce and challenge. The sand or grass is a perfect place to play this game. If I took it camping or added it to my tailgating games, I definitely would have to tone down the diving for the ball.
The game consists of:

  • The Shooter – Can score Three Points for every shot made.
  • The Playmaker – On the team of the Shooter, can score 1 point for every ricochet they catch before the ball hits the ground.
  • Stealer – The opposing team member, stands at the ramp of the shooter and can’t move before the shooter tosses the ball is trying to catch any rebounds that bounce back towards the shooter. The stealer becomes an important role as with every ball they steal in a round, their team gets that many additional shots on their turn in that round.
  • Odd man Out – Waits to the side until that turn is done and then becomes the shooter on their turn.

Teams must hit 15 points exactly to win if you go over on any toss all points that turn are erased and turn is over. Both teams in around have a chance to get to 15 exactly and then there can be overtime to 21.


Game Play – Awesome action and plenty of laughter. Five Star

Portability – A Little too big to carry to some of the secret beaches in Tahoe. Better if you have only a short walk to play area.  Would be great to take on the Boat to your favorite beach and drop it off, play all day and pack it back in.  

Durability – Really pretty nice quality.  At 240lbs I could stand on it without bending.  Balls have a nice rubber texture which should last forever. (Keep the dogs away, they are more racquetball size and I think my dog would have swallowed it! Although she would be a great Playmaker. Ha!)

Ramp Shot is the Creation of Josh Bonventure and Kevin Texeria who were friends for almost 15 years when they invented RampShot. Their love of the great outdoors, BBQ’s and anything competitive was the inspiration when inventing this completely unique backyard game. With Josh’s background in Physical Education and Kevin’s background in business, the two took their idea and turned it into a fun, quality product that is now played in backyards and beaches around the country. Josh and Kevin launched RampShot in 2014 and it took off rapidly. They realized quickly that RampShot just might be the next big thing in outdoor games!
Ramp Shot would be a great game for all seasons as it easily could move indoors if you had space, I am using it with youth ministry games and the kids love it. Ramp shot would also be a great Christmas Gift as well as the size of the box is perfect for under the tree adding a little wow factor.
Ramp Shot has become a National Game with rankings and tournaments starting up around the nation. The Game is Made in the USA  and can be purchased online or if you’re in the east some storefronts such as Dicks Sporting Goods. It was recognized as a top game by The National Sporting Goods Association.

Product Review of Ramp Shot– Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Ramp Shot for free in consideration for a gear review.
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