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Winter Fishing Tips in the Eastern Sierra

Winter Fishing in the Sierra provides a great experience

Winter Fishing often brings thoughts of crazy guys sitting on the ice as I snowshoe by on my next adventure. However, a great Fall “back country” fishing trip with a friend over on Sonora Pass has me paying more attention to  the ins and outs of fishing in the Sierra. A purely Novice fisher, I would be the last one to shoot a fishing video or provide you with a fishing tip beyond location. So here are a couple of You-tube Videos that feature Eastern Sierra Fishing (Mono County and Inyo National forest). Hope you enjoy and have a great winter fishing season.
Kayla Lepre at provides a nice segment with a tip list on their you-tube channel for Eastern Sierra Winter Fishing. Terms like “strike out of aggression” and Migratory fishing will get the avid fisher pumped to get out in the below-freezing temps to fish. Do you know how the freezing temperature affects the fish in this catch and release  season? Answer is in the video!

Of Course Fishing out of Mammoth or Bishop California region can be a year round great event.

An as always weather is the key element when going fishing in the Eastern Sierra. Check out this video by Stoked on Fishing.

So as most of us dream of ski’s, snowshoes, snowmobiles and warm fires. We hope that you find a great lake or stream to cast your line in this Winter season in the Sierra.

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