In 2015 The Alta Alpina Challenge will continue to offer the worlds toughest Double Century ride & world class custom rides for all levels of cyclists. But event organizers are looking to invite entry level cyclists to this years event to highlight the Carson Valley Fun Rides that they treasure 52 weeks a year.
Alta Alpina has always offered similar rides but over the years its reputation for delivering a custom challenge for bikers has become it’s calling card events.

“Scaring off the novice or beginning level riders is not what the event is designed to do” say Wayne Treloggen AACC Public Relations.

The ride used to be called the Wild Sierra Fun ride. We changed the program this year to highlight the Carson Valley Foothills. A ride that club members enjoy all season long living here in The Carson Valley.

The Carson Valley Foothill Fun Ride cvfoothillfunridemap

“Fun in the Foothills”
  • Start/Finish at Turtle Rock Park
  • Three ride options.
    • Carson River Canyon Ride – 15 Miles – 1 Rest Stop – Start 10:00am to 2:00pm
    • Diamond Valley Ride – 19 Miles – 1 Rest Stop – Start 8:00am to 10:00am
    • Carson Valley Ride – 37 Miles – 2 Rest Stops – Start 8:00am to 10:00am

Lunch will be served at Turtle Rock Park after the ride.
These rides are not completely without challenge. The 19 and 37 miles options include a two mile climb on Emigrant Trail and the 15 mile option features a two mile climb from Markleeville. Neither is steep so as long as you have a bicycle with appropriate gearing and you take your time you’ll conquer these hills.
If you won’t be ready to ride any passes by June 28 or you’re looking for an option for the rest of your family to ride while you tackle some passes, then this challenge with limited elevation gain is the right option!

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