Backpacking is an exciting way to explore the outdoors. That said, like any adventure, backpacking requires careful prep. Luckily, once you get used to the backpacking essentials, they will soon become second nature. Now, it’s time to dive into three must-know tips for backpacking beginners so you can be truly ready for the upcoming trek.

Pack a Portable Purifier

Packing food and water is critical when you’re backpacking because they keep you energetic, aware, and ready to tackle the terrain ahead. However, you shouldn’t stock up on plastic water bottles for the trip. Instead, pack one reusable water bottle to maximize storage space and minimize waste.

Moreover, reusable water purifier bottles make it easy to clean water on the go. You can use freshwater sources to rehydrate without worry, thanks to purifier bottles that filter out contaminants. For the best results, remember the key differences between water filtration and purification; the two terms are frequently used synonymously, but describe two very different methods to clean water.

Always Bring a Light

When you’re backpacking in the wild, you’re not always going to have sufficient light. When the sun goes down, or you wander through a dark area, it helps to have a nifty light nearby. Your illumination options range from various devices, such as headlamps or flashlights.

As long as you have a light in your backpack, you can always illuminate your surroundings for optimal visibility. Suffice it to say that having light nearby is invaluable for safe navigation when you don’t know the terrain ahead.

Pack Well, but Lightly

Backpacking can involve quite a bit of gear, such as sleeping bags, tents, food, water, safety supplies, and clothes. If you overpack, then your bag wears you down on the trail instead of supporting you. Thus, when packing supplies, keep quantities efficient; not too little, but not too much.

The specific number of each item you need comes down to your backpack size and how long you’ll be out in the wild. Likewise, always keep weight in mind when buying bigger accessories like tents and sleeping bags. These materials come in many forms, some more lightweight than others. Use these must-know tips for backpacking beginners to ensure your first time on the road is as exciting and fulfilling as it should be.

Image Credit: FILE #: 232078604 By Soloviova Liudmyla “Boy backpacker traveler walk up on mountain top in contrast sun light”

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