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Welcome to one of the least visited Jewels in the Sierra. Matthes lake is one of the scenic icons in Yosemite National Park and yet getting to Matthes lake prohibits crowds from gathering at it shores through out the summer.

The Matthes Crest is a popular rock climbing destination in Yosemite as the Peaks seem to have exploded out of the earth in a slim straight up fashion. Honestly it reminds me of a Lords of the Rings Movie scene. Routes to Matthes Lake include Off Trail routes from elizabeth Lake over Cockscrum Peak, Through Budd Lake in the Cathedral Range, Taking the JMT up above Catherdral Lake before exiting the trail and following meadow to Echo Lake and then over the Crest saddle to the East of the lake over to Matthes, or as we did Hike in from Nelson Lake and Echo Creek Canyon over a ridge line into the Matthes Lake Basin.

Wilderness Permits are required, and fires are not permitted at Matthes lake.

Matthes Lake is almost totally meadow lined, but the Tree line surrounds the meadow fairly close and there are plenty of camping locations around the basin.

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