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Battling Fatigue And The Energy To Explore? RKMD OGF To The Rescue

Anti-Aging Formula Enhances vitality and increase energy as it battles and fights for your immune system restoring energy

Sierra Rec Magazine Product Review, June 2017 – Are you looking for a way to increase energy and get a jump start of your adventures?  At the age of 47 it is difficult to believe that my body needs extra support to maintain the vitality and energy I’m used to in exploring the mountains or doing my daily routine. However, like many like me, it is just a part of life I guess that eventually, be it poor diet, lack of proper exercise or just a natural breakdown of the body, you may need additional resources to generate the energy and life systems to stay active and strong.
This is where I have found myself in the past year.  So when I was given a chance to try the  Dr. Keller’s RKMD Original Glutathione Formula, I looked forward to seeing if the benefits of a Diety supplements would produce noticeable results in these areas. I was familiar with the concepts of Free Radical Damage and Antioxidant support so the OGF Formula would be something I would traditionally seek out. What I was really interested in discovering was if it gave me a noticeable increase in energy and endurance for hiking or various adventure activities. And if I noticed any difference in Muscle soreness or body aches from prolonged use of the product. Other benefits of OGF probably are not going to be seen in the first 30 to 60 days because of they less noticeable from the outside. Benefits such as: Enhanced Brain Activity, Slowing the Aging Process, Enhanced Immune System etc…

I started taking OGF a few month’s ago int he middle of winter. The product comes in capsule form (10 per bottle) and is Gluten Free, although that is not an item I seek out I know many who are always looking for Gluten Free products. The makeup of OGF includes 500 mg of Vitamin C, 1500 mg L-Glutamine, 750mg N-Acetyl Cysteine and 150 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as 750 mg of a proprietary Glutathione Absorption & recycling blend.
I like that the supplement is in capsule form as I know that the absorption of the ingredients will be quicker and more complete than a pill form.  The suggested serving size is 6 capsules per intake. That was a bit excessive to me, so after a few days of taking the product as directed, I adjusted to four capsules per intake.  One of the benefits OGF claims in improved Internal Organ Function and frankly, I think the first benefit I found with the OGF was Intestinal or Kidney functions.

After a week on the product, I noticed increased energy while Snowshoeing in the Sierra, as I was able to go much further and longer this season in deeper snow. I have now taken this product for about 5 months. I’m horrible with supplements, so this was not a daily intake, probably only 3-4 times a week. The increased endurance is definitely noticeable with this product.  The number of miles on my snowshoes this winter increased dramatically on each outing with little to no increase (possibly a decrease) in physical conditioning. The increased energy is harder to see, but I remain active, so that may just be subtle.  I still have gray hair, so how do you determine anti-aging? (HAHA)
The only negative I can find on OGF is the number of capsules recommended to take daily.  Overall I believe it actually is boosting my immune system and helping my body repair quicker from longer outings. The increased endurance I seem to have is a great benefit for me and one I will continue seeking with the product. Finally, the other benefit I seem to have is increased circulation benefits. For these reasons I would recommend trying Dr. Keller’s OGF formula if you are looking for increased endurance and energy or looking to support your bodies organ and circulations systems. Free Radicals can be so destructive to the positive growth in life. Antioxidants like OGF are a great added support system for our active lifestyles.

Product Review of RKMD OGF Formula Product – Disclosure of Material Connection: I received RKMD OGF Formula for free from Vitimmune, LLC in Florida in consideration for a gear review.
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